Project ART Regulatory Count

In 2020, the Government completed a count of the regulatory obligations across each department. 

The overall count of regulatory requirements, imposed upon citizens, business and government is estimated at 30,023. Approximately 11.5% apply to businesses, including areas like corporate registration, occupational health and safety, environmental health, and permits & licenses.

PEI is committed to counting and reporting, going forward, the administrative burden on Business.  

Regulatory obligations on Business by department Total
Agriculture and Land 713
Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture 111
Education and Lifelong Learning 102
Environment, Water and Climate Change 356
Executive Council Office 9
Finance 191
Fisheries and Communities 29
Health and Wellness 453
Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission 78
Justice and Public Safety 820
Legislative Assembly 0
Liquor Control Commission 12
Social Development and Housing 45
Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy 413
Workers Compensation Board 135
Total Burden 3,467


Administrative Burden:  Actions taken by a person, business, group, or organization in order to comply with a law or regulation.

This includes:

  • planning, collecting, processing, reporting of information;
  • completing forms; or, 
  • retaining data required by the provincial government to comply with a law or regulation.

Examples may include filling out license applications and forms, finding and compiling data for audits, submitting a report to a government department, retaining information for an inspection, notify the government of activities, and becoming familiar with information requirements. 

Regulatory Requirement:  A regulatory requirement is any action that must be taken or information that must be provided, to access services, carry out business, or meet legal responsibilities under provincial legislation. 

Examples may include the requirement to meet specific safety standards, acquiring a license or permit to conduct business, submit to inspections, protection of privacy, or environmental certification. 

Published date: 
January 12, 2021
Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture

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