PEI Economy

A plan is in place for Prince Edward Island to achieve above-average growth and create more opportunities for trade, businesses and job creation. Robust business growth across key sectors will build a more prosperous province and assist PEI in becoming an innovative leader.

Monthly, quarterly, year-to-date and annual statistics related to the PEI economy including GDP and labour force statistics, tourism indicators and agricultural market reports are compiled for public use.

PEI has a diversified economy that has posted solid growth over the past decade. A solid mix of small industries in the province protects against the boom or bust cycles which may affect other manufacturing and resource-based economies.

Statistical information about the economy, population and social composition of Prince Edward Island is compiled from a variety of sources including provincial government departments, the private sector and Statistics Canada. The most current and comprehensive overview of the province’s economic performance is presented in the Annual Statistical Review.

Islanders are known as dedicated, hard-working, loyal employees. Recent data indicates PEI labour costs are among the lowest in Canada and more than 60 per cent of the Island workforce has a post-secondary degree or diploma.