Prince Edward Island Affiliated Schools

Below you will find the schools with which the Government of PEI currently has an agreement:

Prince Edward Island Affiliated Schools
School Address Principal Grades

Canadian International School (CIS) Tokyo

5-8-20 Kitashinagawa
Tokyo 141-0001

Robert Pittman 1-12
Jinling High School Hexi Campus

60 Mengdu Street
Jianye District
Jiangsu Province

Doug Massey 10-12
Ganzhou #3 Middle School (2+1 Program)

30 Qingnian Road
Ganzhou City
Jiangxi Province

Luo Zhaorong 10-11

PEI Affiliated Schools will always be listed on this website. If you do not see a school listed on this website, the Province of PEI does not have an affiliated school in that area.

Published date: 
March 2, 2021
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