Post Adoption Services

The Adoption Act of Prince Edward Island allows for the establishment of post-adoption services. For the service to be provided, the adoption must have been legally finalized in Prince Edward Island. This service includes:

  • adoption information service;
  • Reciprocal Search Register; and
  • active search service for adult adoptees.

Even though an adoption may have been arranged by a family agency or private individual, all requests for disclosure services must begin with an application to Post Adoption Services.

Adoption Information Service

Adult adoptees and adoptive parents can contact Post-Adoption Services for non-identifying background information about the birth family. If available, this would include details of the adoptee’s history, including:

  • adoptee’s birth history and early development
  • physical descriptions of birth parents
  • health information
  • religion
  • occupation
  • education
  • particular interests
  • circumstances regarding the plan of adoption

The information does not include identifying information such as names and addresses of birth family members.

Birth parents can receive confirmation of an adoption and the jurisdiction in which the child’s adoption took place. Information on the child’s progress at the time of adoption may also be provided if available.

Reciprocal Search Register

The Reciprocal Search Register is a system whereby persons affected by an adoption may register their willingness to exchange updated information and/or to have potential contact with each other. If there is a match identified, the possibility of a reunion will be explored. A reunion will not occur without the mutual consent of both parties.

If the match does not involve a birth parent, the probable or stated wishes of the birth parent will be considered before a reunion is arranged. Those who may ask to have their name placed on the register include:

  • adoptees (persons over 18 years of age)
  • birth parents (birth mothers, birth fathers)
  • birth family members (sisters, brothers, etc.)
  • adoptive parents (in certain circumstances)
  • significant others (previous caregivers of the adoptee)

Active Search Register

Adult adoptees may request that a search be conducted for one's own birth mother, birth father, or birth sibling (if also adopted) by Post-Adoption Services. Searches will be undertaken for birth fathers only if paternity was acknowledged or confirmed by the birth mother.

  • If the person being sought is located and agrees to a reunion, it will be arranged.
  • If the person being sought is deceased, identifying information will be provided, unless it is believed that significant harm would result. Contact may be made with extended family members at the request of the adoptee.
  • A special search may be requested by adoptive parents or adult adoptees to acquire medical information for the diagnosis or treatment of a serious medical condition.

Other information to consider:

  • Adult adoptees are encouraged to inform and involve their adoptive parents.
  • Birth families are encouraged to provide updated health information, pictures, and letters which may be of benefit to an adoptee in later years.
  • Adoptive parents and adoptees may wish to place current information and pictures in the adoption record which could be provided to birth parents if contact is made by them at a future date.
  • Counselling for adult adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, and other birth family members is available upon request.


Post Adoption Services
161 St. Peters Road
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8  Canada
Phone: (902) 368-6511




Published date: 
December 5, 2017
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