Real Property Transfer Tax Payments

This section provides information on payment options available to Real Property Transfer Tax payers.

Some of these payment options vary depending on whether the payer is a corporation or an individual.  Refer to the following for a full list of payment options for this particular tax.


What payment options are available to Real Property Transfer Tax payers?

You can pay, in person at the Registry Office, Jones Building, 11 Kent Street, Charlottetown, at the time of registering a deed.  Typically the lawyer involved in the purchase of the property attends to this payment on the client’s behalf.

Who should cheques, money orders, or bank drafts be made payable to?

Cheques, money orders, or bank drafts are payable to the Minister of Finance.


Are there any fees associated with payment options?

The Department of Finance charges $35 for any cheque that is not honoured.  There may be fees charged by your financial institution, please consult with them to learn what their fees might be.

Credit Cards are not accepted for any type of tax payment.




Published date: 
March 16, 2018

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