Residents - Important PEI Vax Pass Information

On October 5, 2021, Prince Edward Island launched the PEI Vax Pass Program. Under this time-limited initiative, Island residents 12 years of age and older need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination using their PEI Vax Pass (government-issued vaccination record + unique QR code authenticating your vaccination record) to access some businesses, services and events. Only those who are fully vaccinated will be able to access these settings.

Individuals 19 years of age and older will also need to show a valid government-issued photo ID. For those who do not have a government-issued photo ID, other forms of government-issued ID will be accepted.

PEI Vax Pass

The PEI Vax Pass is secure, quick and easy way to show you are fully vaccinated. Your PEI Vax Pass features both your COVID-19 vaccination record and a unique QR code. The QR code contains the same information as your COVID-19 vaccination record. This information is managed by PEI’s Chief Public Health Office:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Dates of COVID-19 vaccination
  • Type(s) of COVID-18 vaccine you received and dose lot numbers

PEI businesses, services and events will soon be able to scan your QR code using the PEI Vax Pass Verifier App to confirm you are fully vaccinated and that your record is authentic. When your QR code is scanned, the PEI Vax Pass Verifier App will only display your name and whether or not you are fully vaccinated. It will not store any of your personal information.

Benefits of using the QR code include:

  • quick and easy way for businesses, services and events to confirm you are fully vaccinated and that your record is authentic
  • shows less personal information to the staff at the businesses, services and events who are verifying immunization status
  • meets Government of Canada proof of vaccination standards so it can be used for international travel

Everyone who is vaccinated against COVID-19 in PEI can get a PEI Vax Pass

Get Your PEI Vax Pass

Everyone who has received a COVID-19 vaccine in PEI can access a copy of their PEI Vax Pass online using the health card number or phone number provided at the time of vaccination.

Step 1: Log in Securely

To log in, you will need to:

  • Health Card Number or phone number provided at time of vaccination
  • Date of birth

Step 2: Save or Print

After you’ve logged in, you can:

  • Download and save a PDF copy to your computer or mobile device
  • Screenshot a copy to your mobile device
  • Print a paper copy
Helpful Tip: The self-serve COVID-19 Immunization Record portal works best when using the Chrome browser on a PC and Android mobile devices/tablets, and when using the Safari browser on Apple computers and mobile devices/tablets.

Step 3: Show Proof of Vaccination

  • Have your PEI Vax Pass and, if you are 19 years of age or older, a piece of government- issued photo ID when entering a business or event
  • Staff will look at your record and check your photo ID (if you are 19 years of age or older)
  • Enjoy businesses, services and events safely by following public health measures in place at those locations

You can also visit any of the following locations to print a copy of your PEI Vax Pass:

  • any PEI Public Library
  • any Access PEI location
  • PEI Visitor Information Centres in Borden-Carleton, Charlottetown and Wood Islands

If you did not provide a health card number or phone number at the time of vaccination, or do not have one:

  • email to request a copy of your PEI Vax Pass (please include your full name and daytime phone number) or
  • call the COVID-19 Immunization Program toll-free at 1-844-975-3303.

What the PEI Vax Pass looks like

You can save the digital version of your PEI Vax Pass to your mobile device (a smart phone or tablet) or print a paper copy to carry with you. Both digital and paper versions are accepted wherever a PEI Vax Pass is required.

For International and Domestic Travel

The first download option is to be used for the purposes of international and domestic travel. It can also be used on  PEI.  

sample of PEI Vax Pass

Important Note: If you are using the paper copy, be careful not to fold over the QR code as it may prevent it from being scanned.

For Everyday Use on PEI

The second download is wallet-sized and may be easier to carry for everyday use. When printed, it can be folded along the dotted line so you only have to show the QR code to a business using the PEI Vax Pass Verifier App. It is not meant to be used for international travel.

sample of PEI Vax Pass

Important Note: If you are using the paper copy, be careful not to fold over the QR code as it may prevent it from being scanned.

Where PEI Vax Pass or Proof of Vaccination is Required

For the full list of where you do and don’t need to show your PEI Vax Pass of proof of vaccination, click here.

Public Health Measures

For activities and settings where proof of vaccination or a Vax Pass is required, the following public health measures are still required:    

  • Develop and follow an enhanced cleaning and disinfection routine.
  • Ensure hand washing and/or hand sanitizing stations are available and accessible.
  • For organized gatherings, cohorts must be formed of participants up to 200 people indoor and 400 people outdoor; cohorts of people must be kept separate by at least 2m/6ft; for short periods of interaction at entry and exit points, washrooms, and concession stands, physical distancing must be maintained.
  • Physical distancing must continue to be maintained in line-ups where there may be unvaccinated individuals also present at the premises (e.g. line-up to pay for meal or to wait for a seat at a restaurant shared with individuals purchasing take-out)
  • An operational plan is required outlining the public health measures in place. If there will be multiple cohorts at an organized gathering, a prior approval of the operational plan is required.
  • Non-medical mask requirements must continue to be followed
  • Take steps to prevent people who have to self-isolate from participating in an activity or entering a facility.

  • Take steps to prevent people who are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19 from participating in an activity or entering a facility.

  • If staff are not fully vaccinated, take every reasonable step to ensure physical distancing among staff and between staff and patrons


Children Under the Age of 12

Children 11 years of age and younger are exempt from needing to provide a proof of vaccination to enter businesses or attend events at this time as they are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. Children who are soon turning 12 years old have a three-month grace period to get fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination (e.g. a child whose 12th birthday is September 1, 2021, will have until December 1, 2021 to get fully vaccinated).

Medical Reasons

Medical exemption from COVID-19 vaccination may be granted for extremely rare circumstances where an individual cannot receive a COVID-19 vaccine due to an allergy to vaccine ingredient(s) or having experienced a serious medical event after receiving a first dose of the vaccine.

Primary care providers (physician or nurse practitioner) must submit a medical exemption request form on behalf of their patient to the Chief Public Health Office. The Chief Public Health Office will review the request and, if the patient meets the criteria, issue a Medical Letter of Exemption back to the physician or nurse practitioner to provide to their patient.

Individuals claiming a medical exemption from COVID-19 vaccination will be required to have this Medical Exemption Letter from the Chief Public Health Office to access businesses, services and activities in PEI where proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required. Substitute letters or health care provider notes claiming medical exemption will not be accepted.

Confirming Vaccination Status and ID

Businesses, services and events will ask to see your PEI Vax Pass and will soon be able to scan the QR code using the PEI Vax Pass Verifier App to confirm that you are fully vaccinated while showing the minimum amount of personal information. The app will only display your name and if you are fully vaccinated or not. It will not store your personal information.

sample of PEI Vax Pass sample of PEI Vax Pass

Some individuals, such as seniors, may not have government-issued photo ID, but will have other examples of government issued identification (such as health card, birth certificate). In these situations, businesses and organizations are being advised to be open to accommodating individuals without a government-issued photo ID by requesting another government-issued document such has health card, birth certificate, etc. to confirm a person’s identity.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Your proof of immunization will have your name and vaccine history, and it may have your date of birth You are responsible for protecting your personal information.
It is important to store your digital and paper record in a secure location. It is not recommended to share a photo of your proof of vaccination on social media.

Government provides an email with a link that has built in security for you to safely access your vaccine record with the CanImmunize portal.  It is not recommended to email your proof of vaccination/Vax Pass as email is not a secure way to transfer information.

Fully Vaccinated

Individuals are considered fully immunized 14 days after receiving the full series of a COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in Canada or a combination of two different COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in Canada; currently those are:

  • 2 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech ComirnatyTM
  • 2 doses of Moderna SpikevaxTM
  • 2 doses of AstraZeneca VaxzevriaTM / CoviShield
  • Any two-dose combination of the above (e.g. 1 dose of Moderna SpikevaxTM + 1 dose of AstraZeneca VaxzevriaTM)
  • 1 dose of Janssen/Johnson & Johnson

If you received one or two doses of a non-Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine, you will be considered fully immunized 14 days after receiving one dose of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech ComirnatyTM or Moderna SpikevaxTM).

You will also be considered fully immunized 14 days after receiving three doses of any non-Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine.

Important Note: You QR code shows the information about what COVID-19 vaccines you have received in PEI.  Even if you are not fully vaccinated, you will still have a QR code, however when the QR code is interpreted by the Verifier App it will display that “not fully vaccinated”.

Before Travelling

Before travelling outside of PEI, it is a good idea to download a recent copy of your PEI Vax Pass that is acceptable for International and domestic travel (first document download option in the COVID-19 Immunization Record portal). Ensure that the personal information (e.g. name and date of birth) on your PEI Vax Pass matches the government-issued ID you will be carrying with you.  If it does not match, contact the PEI COVID-19 Immunization Program toll-free 1-844-975-3303 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

If you are travelling and have a problem with your PEI Vax Pass, contact the PEI COVID-19 Immunization Program toll-free 1-844-975-3303 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. AST)

Published date: 
October 25, 2021
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