Fire prevention measures to keep Island homes safe

Residents can take easy fire prevention steps that can help save personal property, homes, and lives.

With recent fires after weeks of dry weather, and in advance of Hurricane Fiona preparation, residents and visitors are encouraged to take some fire prevention measures to keep themselves and their homes safe.

“As we all know, fires can start from a single spark so taking some fire safety precautions in our homes can be the difference between major and minor injury.

With the arrival of Fiona, many of us will be readying our homes and that should include checking smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and practicing safe generator use.

Everyone should also be extra careful when handling candles or any cooking appliances during power outages.”

- David Rossiter, PEI Fire Marshal.

Easy fire measures can include:

  • Having any heating equipment or generators installed, including power connections, by professionals and scheduling regular maintenance;
  • Portable generators should be operated outdoors only;
  • Keeping anything that can burn at least three feet away from heating equipment;
  • Keeping matches and lighters out of reach and out of sight of children;
  • Never leaving any cooking appliance unattended;
  • Practicing home fire drills with all household members;
  • Properly disposing of any ignition source materials; and,
  • Regularly changing batteries for all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Visit fire prevention for additional information. 


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