Youth-on-Board - Student Application and Guidelines

The Youth-on-Board Program is designed to encourage youth volunteerism within rural regions of Prince Edward Island and to assist non-profit/community groups, including Municipal Administrations in engaging youth to join volunteer Boards. The Program will offer an opportunity for up to 40 students to become members of active Island Boards or within a rural based Municipality.

What are the project objectives?

  • Introduce youth to the non-profit sector and to highlight the role(s) that non-profits and community groups play within rural PEI.
  • Introduce youth and/or deepen understanding of municipal government functionality.
  • Deliver Governance Training for up to 40 Island Students prior to starting the Youth-on-Board placement.
  • Offer an opportunity to increase the number of volunteers and range of volunteer talent and perspective within rurally based non-profit/Municipal Administrations.
  • Provide mentorship, guidance and education for youth for the duration of the placement on the Board.
  • Provide Youth-on-Board Students with resume development and the opportunity to connect with various people, interests and organizations within rural communities which they might not otherwise be aware of.

Who can apply?

All youth with submitted applications will be considered, however, priority consideration will be given to:

  • Students with a rural PEI address who are enrolled in Grade 10-12. (Note: Rural is defined as those communities or towns that are not Summerside or Charlottetown)
  • Students who are interested in committing to a seven-month learning experience with a non-profit or Municipal Administration and are open to attending a minimum of five Board Meetings.

What is required for project participants and how will they be compensated?


Students who attend scheduled Board Meetings, have completed Governance Training, and upon the completion of the Program Evaluation Form, will receive the following honorarium/payment amount on a sliding scale:

Honorarium/Payment Amount (Student) Meeting Attendance (Student) Meetings Scheduled (Host/s)
$500* 5 meetings or more 5 meetings or more
$400 3 meetings or more 4 meetings
$200 2 meetings or more 3 meetings

* Students will be provided with an alternate Host organization if number of scheduled meetings is less than five. Students matched to organizations that cannot complete the program, therefore limiting the number of meetings available for the student to attend, will receive their student honorarium in full.

Training Session: 

Grade 10 to 12 students who can commit to in-person Governance Training (e.g. Robert’s Rules of Order, Utilizing Board Sub-Committees, Introduction to key terms, etc.) scheduled for October 21, 2022.


Students approved for the Program will be asked to provide a signed parental/guardian consent form.

How do you apply?

Applications are now closed for 2022-23.

What are the eligibility requirements for Non-Profit/Community Groups and Municipalities?

Interested Mentoring organizations must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Incorporated non-profit within rural PEI or clearly demonstrate an Island-wide mandate/reach.
  • Rural positioned Municipal Government.
  • Completion of a one-hour training session (on Inclusion and Mentoring) and provide the name of a designated Mentor to support the student’s learning curve.
  • Facilitation of monthly effective Board meetings which will offer the student an engaging learning environment.
  • Allow Rural and Regional Development staff to conduct a minimum of two monitors during the duration of the Program and submit a Program Evaluation Form by June of 2023.
  • Honorarium: Participating non-profits and Municipal Governments who successfully host a Youth-on-Board Student will receive an honorarium upon completion of training and program evaluation feedback form, the amount is determined on a sliding scale, as determined, below.
Honorarium Amount (Host) Meeting Attendance (Host) Meetings Scheduled (Student/s)
$500 5 meetings or more 5 meetings or more
$400 4 meetings 3 meetings or more
$200 3 meetings 2 meetings or more

In-person or virtual board meetings depend on the technical capabilities and/or requirements of the board and/or public health measures. Attempts to meet the needs of both board and youth participants will be customized accordingly.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions, please contact the Community Development Officer within your area:

Ellen Rennie
West Prince

(902) 853-0104


Kellie Mulligan
East Prince

(902) 887-3975

Giselle Bernard (Bilingual)

(902) 854-3680

Sonia Dixon
Southern Kings/Queens


Chris Blaisdell
Eastern Kings/North Shore

(902) 208-0032

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