Soil Health Fee Schedule

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Soil Health analysis fees for samples
Package Code Package Name PEI Farmer Rate Off Island Farmer or
Non-Farmer Rate
    Rates do not include HST
SH1 Soil Health Analysis $ 67.50 $135.50
  Soil Respiration, Aggregate Stability, Active Carbon, Biological Nitrogen Availability, Soil Texture    
S3 Detailed Soil Analysis $11.00 $22.00
  pH, OM, P2O5, K2O, Ca, Mg, Cu, Cu, Fe, Mn, S, B, Na, Al, Lime Index, CEC, % Base Saturation    

*A Detailed Soil Analysis (S3) must also be conducted on the sample(s) in order for a soil health analysis to be completed.  Please submit a separate sample for the S3, detailed soil analysis.  A separate report will be generated for the S3 sample

NOTE: SH1 fees are covered by the Strategic Industry Growth Initiative for PEI Producers (with a gas tax number), members of the Future Farmer Program, or individual PEI watershed groups.  Check your eligibility for funding .
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le 2 Juin 2020
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