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Please note: You may need to search two corporate registries until we fully transition to our new online registry system. 

If the business name you are searching does not appear below, please continue your search at PEI Corporate Registry – Original.

If the business name you are searching does not appear below, you may find it in the other corporate registry at PEI Corporate Registry – Original. To refine your search, read the search tips below. 

Are you having trouble finding a particular business?

You can try these search tips in the fields above

  • If you are looking for a company called, 'Rock, Paper and Scissors Inc,' search for 'rock paper scissors.' Try to be as specific as possible to return better results. Searching for just 'paper' may return poor quality results. 
  • Use double quotes (" ") around a term to search for the entire phrase as opposed to separate search terms i.e. use "Paper Scissors" not Paper Scissors. "Paper Scissors" will look for the entire phrase whereas the latter will search for the word scissors and the word paper.
  • Use more than 3 characters.
  • If you don't find the result you are looking for in the first or second screen, change your search terms and try again.  
  • You must search by the official business name. If the business operates under another name, you will not find it. 

After the three-year registration cycle, all companies registered to conduct business in PEI will be listed in our new online registry database. Until then, thank you for understanding. If you cannot find the business you are looking for contact or 902-368-4550. 

Published date: 
le 18 Décembre 2020
Justice et de la Sécurité publique

Renseignements généraux

Division des services financiers et aux consommateurs
Ministère de la Justice et de la Sécurité publique
Immeuble Shaw (nord), 1er étage
105, rue Rochford
C.P. 2000
Charlottetown (Île-du-Prince-Édouard)  C1A 7N8

Téléphone: (902) 368-4550
Télécopieur: (902) 368-5283