Early Years Centre Location Suitability Tool

Développement de la petite enfance
le 28 Novembre 2023

The PEI Suitability Tool is designed to help project owners such as Early Years Centre operators, municipalities and individuals responsible for construction or renovation of facilities intended for Early Years Centre operations to determine project site feasibility.

The tool is available by accessing this pdf form. 

Early Years Expansion Capital Equity Grant Pilot Program Application Form

Développement de la petite enfance
le 28 Novembre 2023

Access this pdf form to apply for the Early Years Expansion Capital Equity Grant Pilot Program

Restricted Contractor Licence (Electrical) Application Form

Services d’inspection
le 21 Novembre 2023

Application for Restricted Contractor Licence (Electrical).

PEI Livestock Strategy Claim Form

Développement de l'industrie agricole
le 21 Novembre 2023

Claim form for the PEI Livestock Strategy Program

Provincial Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Clinic Referral and Intake Form

Administration des affaires médicales, Soins primaires et maladies chroniques
le 10 Novembre 2023

Energy Efficient Equipment Rebates: Registration

le 7 Novembre 2023

Registration application and payee registration form for Energy Efficient Equipment Rebates

ALUS Landowners Consent Form

Agricoles durables
le 1 Novembre 2023

Form used for ALUS clients operating on leased/rented land  to enroll properties in the program. 

2022 Statement A Corporate Form

le 20 Octobre 2023

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