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Annual Influenza Policy

Maladies transmissibles
Document de planification
le 25 Septembre 2023

The purpose of the Influenza Immunization Policy is to provide provincial direction to Health PEI immunizers and immunizers in the community who deliver PEI’s publicly funded influenza vaccine to Islanders with the goal of reducing the incidence and impact of influenza in the province.

Prince Edward Island Responsible Gambling Strategy

le 15 Septembre 2023



Proposed Park Street Expansion Information Session

Service de logement
le 7 Septembre 2023

The report, Proposed Park Street Expansion Information Session, summarizes feedback from those in attendance.

Following the expert presentations, table facilitators led small group discussions. Attendees were asked to discuss their questions, comments or concerns they wanted to share with decision-makers and anything they liked about the plans for Park Street.

Annual Statistical Review

Économie, statistiques et relations financières fédérales
le 26 Juillet 2023

The complete story of Prince Edward Island’s population, social makeup, and economy can be found in the province’s Annual Statistical Review.

The Annual Statistical Review is produced by Prince Edward Island Statistics Bureau and gathers data from provincial government departments, the private sector, and Statistics Canada to provide a socioeconomic snapshot of the Island.

It is a comprehensive source of data and information that government uses to help determine where, when, and how best to deliver the critical programs and services on which Islanders depend.

Data tables of the Annual Statistical Review are available for download in excel format.

Historical issues of the Annual Statistical Review are also available in PDF format.

Plan d’action stratégique pour l’immigration francophone de l’Î.-P.-E. 2023-2028

Affaires acadiennes et francophones
le 8 Juin 2023

Budget Paper on the Economy 2023

Conseil du Trésor
le 25 Mai 2023

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