Publications récentes

Poverty Reduction Action Plan for Prince Edward Island

Soutien organisationnel
Document de planification
le 2 Novembre 2018

Belonging and Thriving: A Poverty Reduction Action Plan for Prince Edward Island (2019-2024)

Annual Influenza Policy 2018-2019

Maladies transmissibles
Document de planification
le 10 Septembre 2018

The purpose of the Influenza Immunization Policy is to provide provincial direction to Health PEI immunizers and immunizers in the community who deliver PEI’s publicly funded influenza vaccine to Islanders with the goal of reducing the incidence and impact of influenza in the province

Artist Grants program report - Spring 2018

Gestion ministérielle
le 23 Juillet 2018

The PEI Arts grant program is designed to support the development of artistic practice through a competitive award system. The process for assessment was modeled after the best practice of using peer juries to select successful projects and award funding amounts.

Provincial Housing Action Plan

Service de logement
Document de planification
le 23 Juillet 2018

Housing Action Plan for Prince Edward Island 2018-2023


Constatations préliminaires - la réduction de la pauvreté

Services à la famille et à la personne
le 7 Juin 2018

PEI Climate Change Action Plan

Secrétariat du changement climatique, Bureau du Conseil exécutif
Document de planification
le 11 Mai 2018

PEI Poverty Reduction Discussion Paper

Soutien organisationnel
le 24 Avril 2018

This document provides background and explains how the PEI Poverty Reduction Action Plan will be developed.

YDAY PEI 2017 Youth Summit Report

Évolution démographique
le 26 Février 2018

A report for the Youth Futures Council based on information gathered from participants of YDAY 2017 activities and discussions.

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