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Programme de financement des festivals et des événements touristiques et culturels – Formulaire de demande

Affaires culturelles
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2017 Programme de financement des festivals et des événements touristiques et culturels – Formulaire de demande

Fonds de service pour les produits touristiques culturels acadiens et francophones – Formulaire de demande

Affaires culturelles
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2017 Fonds de service pour les produits touristiques culturels acadiens et francophones – Formulaire de demande

Newcomer Entrepreneur's Guide

Service d'intégration entrepreneuriale
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A Newcomer's guide to starting a business in Prince Edward Island [1 Mb]

Resources for grandparents parenting grandchildren

Bureau des aînés

Many Prince Edward Island grandparents are the primary caregivers for their grandchildren. Although emotionally rewarding, parenting a grandchild can be challenging. Some grandparents may feel isolated, uncertain, or stressed. Many grandparents may also experience financial difficulties.

If you are a grandparent raising a grandchild, remember that you are not alone. The Raising a Second Generation resource document includes information on legal, financial, and support services available in PEI communities that may be helpful. 


Call the Seniors Line toll-free for a printed copy at 1-866-770-0588

Bonshaw Hills Trail Map


Download this map for your next adventure at the Bonshaw HIlls Provincial Park. The main trail called Ji'ka'we'katik Trail is a four-season trail system that covers 25 kilometers. There are many shorter trails that vary in length and intensity that are connected to the main trail.

The trail system is colour-coded, as follows:

  • GREEN route is considered easy with gentle climbs and easily avoidable obstacles.
  • BLUE route is considered more difficult with some steep slopes with a possibility of narrow trail.
  • BLACK route is considered very difficult very steep slopes and possibility of loose trail. Not suitable for biking.

Environmental code of care for trail users

Use clean gear

Muddy or dirty footwear, bike tires or clothing can harbour seeds of invasive plant species, insects or disease spores, contributing to loss of ecological integrity in the park.

Pack out what you pack in

All garbage, even compost, has an impact by changing wildlife behavior, damaging plants in the understory, diminishing other trail users' experience.

Leave what you find

The natural materials in the park contribute to the ecosystem there. It is all habitat for something.

Give wildlife space

Wildlife is placed at risk when the habituate to people, particularly when they begin to associate people with easy food. They also have no extra energy to deal with people in their territory when raising young or getting ready for a long and arduous migration.

Stay on trail

Taking shortcuts or walking / biking around obstacles or wet areas on the trail increases the damage to soils and surrounding vegetation. Follow the green and blue coloured blaze markers.

Respect trail closures

Closures indicate that the trail needs time with no traffic to dry out or be repaired. It is important to allow the ecosystem time to recover / adjust to seasonal changes.

Use the facilities

Use composting toilets. If that is not possible, waste should be buried at least six inches.

Be mindful of the potential for sparks

Sparks from cigarettes, bike brakes or campfires can burn a forest and eliminate what the park was created for in an instant.


Off Highway Vehicle Operation

Agriculture et Pêches, Communautés, Terres et Environnement, Justice et Sécurité publique, Sécurité routière
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A Practical Guide for Users and Landowners

An off-highway vehicle is considered any motorized vehicle designed for cross-country travel on land, water, snow, ice, marsh or swamp land.This includes all terrain vehicles (ATVs), side-by- sides, dirt bikes and snowmobiles.


2017-2018 Provincial Capital Estimates

Section de la gestion budgétaire

The Provincial Capital Estimates for 2017-2018 was presented on November 24, 2016 by the Minister of Finance and Chair of Treasury Board.


Stratégie relative à la santé mentale et à la toxicomanie 2016-2026

Santé et Mieux-être

Avancer ensemble propose une approche exhaustive de la transformation du système de santé mentale grâce à une vision claire, à des priorités stratégiques intégrées et à des stratégies de changement à long terme.

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