Early Years Centre Designation

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Prince Edward Island is recognized across Canada as a leader in Early Learning and Child Care.  The Government of Prince Edward Island is committed to the continued development of our successful Early Learning and Child Care System.  A key component of the system are Early Years Centres, with 61 now active across the province. 

As part of system and service growth, Government has announced the establishment of additional Early Years Centres, and the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning is currently seeking applications from existing Early Childhood Centres interested in Early Years Centre Designation (EYC). The Department will be designating up to five new Early Years Centres over the next 3 months.  

How do I apply for an EYC designation?

Early Childhood Centres are invited to apply to the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning to receive a designation of Early Years Centre by completing and submitting the Application Kit listed below:

EYC Designation Criteria

EYC Designation Application Assessment Tool

EYC Designation Application Form


What is the deadline for my Application Kit?

Please submit applications by 4:00 PM AST, December 17, 2021.


Where do I send my Application Kit?

Early Years Centre Designation
c/o Yvette Winchester
Early Childhood Development 
Education and Lifelong Learning
Holman Centre, Main Floor
250 Water Street
Summerside, PE C1N 1B6
Email: ymwinchester@gov.pe.ca

Who do I direct my questions to?

Doreen Gillis
Director of Early Childhood Development 
Education and Lifelong Learning
Tel: 902-368-4733
Email: degillis@gov.pe.ca

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le 29 Novembre 2021
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