Specialty Library Items

Library of Things

The Library of Things collection offers a variety of non-traditional items for the public to borrow for free with their PEI Public Library Card.

  • Binge Boxes

    Binge Boxes are collections of DVDs all gathered into one "binge box" for a spectacular movie night. 
  • Cake Pans

    The Library offer a variety specialty cake pans for the public to borrow. If you borrow a cake pan, please do not put it in the dishwasher at home.
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Monitors

    The PEI Public Library Service's CO2 Monitors were received through the Canadian CO2 Monitor Expansion Program, administered by the not-for-profit organization CAVI - Community Access to Ventilation Information. The Aranet4 CO2 monitor checks your indoor air quality for CO2, relative humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure. You can read the device screen or connect it via app to your phone for continuous feedback. 
  • C-Pens

    A C-PEN is a portable scanning pen that reads printed text out loud using an embedded camera, a real-time optical character recognition (OCR) and natural voice text to speech (TTS). C-PENs are designed to assist those with reading challenges such as dyslexia, or those learning to read in English, French or some other languages. 
  • Disc Golf Sets

    Disc Golf is a popular flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target. The game follows rules similar to golf. Each set contains a driver, a mid-range and a putter disc and a carry bag. 
  • Dodow Sleep Aids

    Dodows are a metronome-style sleeping aid that aims to help users fall asleep naturally through slowing one's breath and relaxation.
  • Energy Meters

    In partnership with Switch Stratford and Switch Charlottetown, the PEI Public Library Service offers a number of electronic energy meters for the public to borrow. These devices calculate the energy consumption and cost of your home appliances which can potentially lead to helpful advice on home energy use.
  • Fitness and Yoga Kits

    These portable fitness kits contain yoga mats and items such as jump ropes, resistance bands, hand grips, etc. that promote fitness for adults. 
  • Games

    Libraries offer a variety of board games, puzzles and lawn games for all ages for the public to borrow.
  • Hiking Backpacks

    Created in partnership with Recreation PEI, these backpacks contain a variety of nature guides and hiking items for adults who wish to learn and explore the nature of PEI.
  • Ice Skates

    The library's ice skates collection includes hockey skates available in youth, junior and adult sizes. Refer to this suggested sizing chart to determine the appropriate size. Please note that sizing is a preference and varies according to skate brand and therefore charts do not guarantee fit. The PEI Public Library Service is not responsible for any injury or damages that may occur during use of skates. The use of a C.S.A. approved helmet is strongly recommended when skating.
  • Kobo Libra2 Ereaders

    These portable, easy-to-use e-Readers are available to any patron to borrow with a PEI Public Library card. These e-Readers are also compatible with the library's eBook lending platform - Overdrive
  • Light Therapy Lamps

    Light therapy lamps are devices that can help individuals suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain other conditions by emitting ultraviolet light.
  • Nature Backpacks

    These kits contain a variety of books and tools for children and families to have fun playing, discovering and learning about nature.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Noise-cancelling headphones help reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control. These headphones can help adults and children on the autism spectrum and those with ADHD and other sensory processing disorders cope with loud, distracting and discomforting sounds.
  • PLAY Kits

    PLAY (Physical Literacy Activities for Youth) kits include toys such as bean bags, foam discs, sensory balls, etc. that encourage movement and play for toddlers.
  • Radon Detectors

    These easy-to-use radon detectors are used to check radon gas levels in your home.
  • Sensory Kits

    These kits include toys and tools that can help calm, soothe, and relax people with autism, Alzheimer's, ADHD, dementia, and other sensitivities.
  • Snowshoes

    Snowshoes are available at a number of our libraries in a variety of sizes. Refer to a sizing chart to determine the appropriate size. 
  • Snowshoe/Walking Poles

    These poles can be used for activities all year long, including hiking, walking, and snowshoeing. 
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Kits

    These kits contain devices that help children explore and engage with a variety of technology. Available kits include:
  • White Noise Machines

    White noise machines are portable devices that play a variety of noises, including white noise, nature sounds, fan noise, lullabies, and more. These machines help users fall asleep by playing calming sounds.

Specialized Collections

  • Artwork

    In partnership with the Wyatt Heritage Properties and Culture Summerside, the public are able to borrow a collection of artwork by local artists in a variety of mediums at the Summerside Rotary Library. These pieces are available on a first come, first served basis - contact the library for more information.
  • Autism PEI Collection

    In partnership with the Autism Society of Prince Edward Island, Islanders can borrow items from the Society's in-house collection with a public library card. Islanders can also access and borrow any item in the PEI Public Library Service's collection relating to autism. 
  • Black Resources Collection

    The PEI Public Library Service offers a variety of items centred on the experiences of the Black community and written and produced by its members. The Black Resources Collection include titles for all ages in a variety of genres and formats. 
  • Book Club Kits

    The PEI Public Library Service offers an extensive Book Club Kit collection. These kits contain between 5-10 copies of a specific book and include fiction and non-fiction titles for adults, teens and children. Book Club Kits must be reserved through our online reservation software called Kitkeeper. To reserve a kit on KitKeeper, you must have a valid email address and an active library card number. For information on how to use Kitkeeper, check out this video.
  • Books for Persons with Memory Loss

    These books are written specifically for people with dementia or other memory loss conditions. Titles in this collection feature colourful photos and simple language.
  • Books to Go

    These bags contain five carefully-selected picture books for busy families. Books to Go bags are also available on a variety of themes and topics.
  • Discovery Kits/Trousse découverte - French only

    Through CAP Enfants, the library has access to 12 different thematic kits which contain a variety of resources, materials, and games relating to different aspects of the health of young children. 
  • Diversity Kits/Trousse sur la diversité  - French only

    This kit is designed for parents, teachers, educators and children ages 0 to 12. You'll find tools and resources on various diversity themes, such as racism, disabilities, religions, family diversity, gender diversity as well as sexuality and sexual diversity. This kit contains games, books and information binders that address each theme separately.

  • EAL (English as an Additional Language) Collection

    Are you a newcomer learning English or a teacher/tutor who works with EAL learners? Check out our EAL Collection which contains books on grammar, conversation, idioms, listening, reading, vocabulary, leveled readers, language test preparation (e.g. TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, etc.) and more. 
  • Fitness Passes

    Daily passes are available to borrow for the TCAP Family Aquatic and Fitness Centre at the Montague Rotary Library and for the Eastern Kings Fitness Centre at the Souris Public Library. These passes are available on a first come, first served basis - contact the library for more information.
  • Indigenous Collection

    The Public Library Service in Prince Edward Island is committed to celebrating the province's rich Mi'kmaq history and culture while serving its First Nations people. The library's Indigenous Collection includes materials that are written, produced, and focused on First Nations people. The collection includes titles for all ages in a variety of genres and formats.  
  • Learn French Kits

    These kits, for adults or children, contain a variety of resources to help learn, improve or maintain French.
  • Local Author Collection

    This collection includes materials that are written by individuals who live within Prince Edward Island. The collection includes titles for all ages in a variety of genres.

  • Magazines

    The PEI Public Library Service offers a broad selection of magazines for the public to borrow. Both adult and children's magazine titles are available.
  • Mental Health Kits

    With a selection of resources in English and French for adults, teens and children, these Mental Health Kits address mental health topics ranging from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and gambling.
  • Parenting To Go Kits

    Each Parenting to Go bag contains a selection of books on a specific parenting topic. Topics range from mental health and ADHD to parenting teenagers and toddlers. 
  • Series Starter Kits

    These kits contain a number of books that are part of popular children's and young adult series - all in one bag! 
  • Sun Life Musical Instrument Lending Library

    The Sun Life Musical Instrument Lending Library is a collection of over 150 musical instruments that you can borrow for free with your PEI Public Library Card. 
  • Wonderbooks

    Wonderbooks are print books with a ready-to-play audiobook inside. Kids can use the simple controls to read along with their favourite books and then switch to learning mode for a narrator-led question and answer session.


Published date: 
July 24, 2023