2023 Envirothon - Current Environmental Topic

2023 Envirothon: Adapting to a Changing Climate

New Brunswick, host of the 2023 NCF-Envirothon International Competition, as chosen the theme "Adapting to a Changing Climate" as its Current Environmental Issue (CEI). In broad terms, New Brunswick is delving into one of the most complex issues facing the world today; climate change spans over disciplines such as science, socio-economics, environment, health, and politics (among other topics).

This challenge will have students learning about factors that contribute to a changing climate, the effects these changes have on the environment and natural resources, and the unique challenges that face natural resource-dependent communities.  As the students explore the impacts on human social and economic systems, they will also learn about management strategies for mitigation and adapting to our changing climate; this will include the roles of innovative technologies and programs in responding to the local, regional and global changes.Learning Resources for Current Environmental Issue

Please visit NCF-Envirothon's website for study resources for the current environmental issue. 

Forestry - see our forestry core topic for resource materials
What is a Woodlot?
Forestry in an Uncertain Time

Planting and Natural Regeneration 
NEW on February 14, 2023! Growing Tree Seedlings 
NEW on February 14, 2023! Planting and Natural Regeneration 

Climate Change - General Resources
Canadian Climate change Atlas 

Modelling and Predictions for Climate Change and Tree Distribution
Modelled Potential Tree Species Distribution for Current and Projected Future Climates for PEI (focus on White Spruce, White Pine, and Balsam Fir)
Shifting of Composition and Growth of Acadian Forest Region 

Sawmill Production 
General information about sawmills and sawmill production
What IS a sawmill?
Example of a Maritime Sawmill (JD Irving)

Silviculture and Climate Change

Forest Products and Supply Chain
NEW on February 7, 2023! Construction Wood - How it's Made
Introduction to Forest Supply Chain Management
Climate Adaptations in the Forest Forest Products Supply Chain (sections to focus on will be added (Date TBD))

Tree Breeding and Forest Research
NEW on February 7, 2023! Somatic Embryogenesis 
NEW on February 14, 2023! Somatic Embryogenesis in Plants 
NEW on February 7, 2023! Forestry Research (JDI)


Published date: 
April 25, 2023
Environment, Energy and Climate Action

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