2024 Envirothon - Current Environmental Topic

2024 Envirothon: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future 

New York, host of the 2024 NCF-Envirothon International Competition, was chosen as the theme "Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future" as its Current Environmental Issue (CEI).  In the modern world we live in, energy touches all aspects. Production and energy use are inextricably intertwined with economic, social, environmental and political issues, and we are now at a place where choices must be made about how energy and energy use will shape our future. Sustainable energy use is being discussed across the planet, with all levels of government, businesses, and organizations looking to renewable energy as the 'way of the future'. 

This challenge will have students learning about the different sources of renewable energy, the challenges that face the transition from traditional 'fossil' fuels to renewables, the environmental economic and social impacts of energy consumption, and how individuals play a role in changing their communities. Students will delve into current and projected energy practices, energy innovations and technological developments, as well as the shift from non-renewables to renewables.

Please watch for more details.

Learning Resources for Current Environmental Issue

Prince Edward Island 

New (October 12, 2023)! Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2020(1.1MB)
New (October 12, 2023)! PEI's Energy Blueprint 

Electricity in Canada

New (October 16, 2023)! Strategic Perspective on Electricity - Central and Eastern Canada (read pages 30-31)

Climate Change and Energy Adaptation/Mitigation

Energy Transition
New (October 12, 2023)! The World's First Renewable Island - Samso, Denmark

Renewable Energy   

About Renewable Energy (NRCan)
Renewable Energy in Canada
Renewable Energy
What is Renewable Energy?
New (October 12, 2023)! How to Build a Net Zero Society (13MB) (read Executive Summary and Chapter 1)

Options for Renewable Energy


What is biomass?
Generating electricity: Biomass
Biomass in Canada 


Solar Power
New (October 16, 2023)! Environmental Impacts of Solar Power
Solar Power Information - National Geographic
New (October 12, 2023)! The Dark Side of Solar Power 


Wind Power
New (October 16, 2023)! Wildlife Impacts of Wind Energy
New (October 12, 2023)!  Advantages and Challenges of Wind Energy
New (October 12, 2023)! Why Do Wind Energy Projects Fail? (3MB)  (read pg 1 – 12, pg 19-20, and pg 33-37)

Public Engagement and Community Participation

New (October 12, 2023)! Public Engagement with Large-Scale Renewable Energy Technologies


Published date: 
October 16, 2023
Environment, Energy and Climate Action

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