Central Water and Wastewater Systems

About one half of PEI residents and business are serviced by central water supply or wastewater treatment systems, including systems that meet the needs of municipal and industrial customers, private developments or other establishments that serve the public. The requirements for how these systems are established and operated depending on their classification, which in turn is based on their size and complexity: 

  • public water systems include any system with a distribution system consisting of 5 or more service connections, and are further classified as Very Small, Small or Class I through IV systems.
  • semi-public water systems supply members of the public, but do not have a distribution system. Typical examples would be schools, tourist accommodations’ and daycare facilities.
  • wastewater systems are classified on based on the complexity of the treatment process using the Tables provided in the Water Supply System and Wastewater Treatment System Regulations.

Establishing and Operating a Water or Wastewater System

Central water supply and wastewater systems in PEI are regulated by the Water Act, Water Supply System and Wastewater Treatment System Regulations. Under these regulations:

Municipal Water and Wastewater Systems List is available.


Published date: 
February 5, 2024
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