How to save energy with your Smart home 

Today we have the power to control almost everything from our smartphones. From entertainment to home security, a “smart home” can start any wi-fi enabled device or appliance with a push of a button. And this can save you energy and money! Here’s how: 

A smart home device can enable you to turn the lights off, when you are in the car.

A smart home device can let you turn off the television, from the bedroom.

A smart home device can turn down the heat, when you are at work. 

Smart LED lighting

You can save more energy depending on when and how you use your smart device. 

Your LED lights can be scheduled to turn on and off automatically at certain times and under certain conditions. 

Some smart lights come with built in sensors which turn lights on only when someone is present in a room.

When you use ENERGY STAR® smart lighting you use even less energy. 

During our seasonal Instant Savings you can receive money back at the cash register when you purchase eligible ENERGY STAR LED lighting and fixtures.  

Smart Thermostats

ENERY STAR smart thermostats are wi-fi connected devices that learn your behaviour to automatically adjust heating and cooling temperature sessions in your home. 

In addition to programming your temperature preferences remotely from your smart phone, the smart thermostat learns based on your habits and the weather. It can also provide energy usage data that you can easily manage.

During our seasonal Instant Savings you can save $100 at the cash register on ENERGY STAR smart thermostats.

Programmable thermostats are also available for rebates.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances, like refrigerators, dryers, cooktops and ovens, and washing machines, have the potential to save electricity and money. 

However, it is the ENERGY STAR label on any smart appliance that will ensure you are buying the most efficient version of that appliance. 

Currently as part of our Appliance Instant Savings you can receive rebates on energy efficient appliances. From now until December 31, you can receive $75 back on your qualifying ENERGY STAR refrigerator, washing machine or Water Sense certified toilet. Qualifying dehumidifiers are now eligible for a $30 instant rebate. 

To save energy and money now, you can make your appliances, lights and other devices smart by plugging them into a smart plug or outlet. 

Smart power bars, heavy duty timers, power bars with timer are all eligible for rebates during our Instant Savings. These tools can help turn any device into smart device. When you plug a device into a smart plug or power strip, you can monitor its energy usage, turn it off remotely or even benefit from motion sensors to turn devices off when you have stopped using them. 

Keep track of your home’s energy use 

A home energy monitor can help you see how your home is using energy and whether your smart home investments are saving money. 

Home energy monitors tell you exactly how much electricity devices in your home are using. 

You can compare your total usage to time periods or turn off devices and see how much electricity you are saving in real time. 

Some home energy monitors, will identify specific appliances and devices over time, which can let you identify your biggest energy users. 

You can use that information to make strategic changes to reduce your electric use and save money. 

If you have smart devices in your home, your home energy monitor will help determine if they are working properly and saving you electricity. 

Extra help for low-to-moderate income Islanders

Financial assistance is available for low-to-moderate-income Islanders to make their homes more energy efficient in winter, which includes some of these smart devices.

Winter Warming provides free air sealing and other energy-efficient upgrades to a residence including: 

  • Installing a programmable thermostat,
  • Installing a low-flow shower head,
  • Providing a voucher for a free heating system cleaning (up to $115 value),
  • Providing ENERGY STAR® LED light bulbs.

Learn more about savings on appliances, LED bulbs and more, and winter warming to get your home ready to save energy.



Published date: 
August 25, 2023
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