Marketing Forest Products

Managing a private woodlot can be a rewarding and fulfilling activity. However, it also takes time and money so most woodlot owners also harvest or sell forest products from their land to help them pay for their forest management goals and to provide income for other uses and purposes. 

Marketing forest products requires some time and knowledge. The links on this page are designed to help you make informed choices for yourself and your forest land.

What should I consider before harvesting or selling forest products from my land?

Woodland Notes #1: Selling Wood From Your Land contains tips and ideas on how to get a fair price and ensure that you and your contractor understand who is responsible for different harvest related matters.

If you are considering doing your own fuelwood harvest, Woodland Notes Volume #5: Creating Healthy Forests By Cutting Firewood can be of help.

Where can I find markets for my forest products?

The main wood or timber products are fuelwood and softwood timber. The Buying and Burning Fuelwood page contains a list of fuelwood producers who buy and sell fuelwood products. Many also buy and sell softwood products such as pulpwood, studwood and logs.

Where can I get information on forest products and prices?

There are no marketing boards on PEI for forest owners but the York-Sunbury-Carelton Marketing Board in New Brunswick does offer a Forest Products Price List. Note: This information is based on New Brunswick markets and operating conditions so the information and may or may not be directly applicable to PEI markets. However, it does provide an overview of regional prices and market opportunities that land owners can use when making harvest decisions.

What about non-timber products?

Many woodlot owners harvest and use a wide range of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP). Simply defined, NTFP s are:

There are no NTFP marketing boards and the volume harvested tends to be small for many of these products but establishing a connection with local NTFP manufacturers can be worthwhile for both parties. 

For information on Ground Hemlock (Taxus canadensis), read Woodland Notes Vol. #4: A Land Owners Guide to Selling Ground Hemlock.





Published date: 
August 14, 2023