Prohibited Wildlife

Bringing non-native species into a new habitat area can create serious problems by disrupting the ecosystem's balance, causing economic losses, harming human health and/or creating significant environmental impacts.

What animal species are prohibited on PEI as pets?

The Prohibited Wildlife list was developed to help pet stores and potential pet owners understand what is and is not allowed on PEI. In general, this list contains any wildlife species considered dangerous to humans, not native to Prince Edward Island, and/or which poses a threat to the ecosystem if it escapes into the wild. Wildlife that has been obtained illegally is also prohibited.

Examples of animals of a particular prohibited group are listed below. These are examples only and shall not be construed as limiting the generality of the group. This list is subject to review according to the accepted criteria and may be updated or revised at any time.

Prohibited Wildlife Species List for PEI

Are some non-native species eligible for pets?

The Department reserves the right to refuse or permit a person to have or sell any wildlife species that poses a concern based on:

  • Public Safety
  • Animal Welfare
  • Potential damage to ecosystem if released into the wild or taken from the wild
  • The status of the wildlife species in the wild
  • Economic concerns for the exploitation of the species and 
  • Legally obtained

Before selling or possessing wildlife species you must have approval from the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division. Species must not be on the Prohibited List and the applicant must have the proper permits.

Concerns for some species may be addresses with approval from a licensed veterinarian. All costs are the responsibility of the applicant. 

Information for Pet Stores and Owners:

  1. Wild animals that are native species to Prince Edward Island can not be sold or kept in captivity as pets.
  2. Certain species of exotic wild animals may be imported by licensed pet stores for sale to the public. Eligible species are those that by their conservation status in their native ecosystems, and by their nature, do not raise any ongoing management concerns.
  3. To be eligible for sale, a species cannot be on the Prohibited List. Additionally, it must be approved by the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division. Pet Stores must provide buyers with information on the nature and requirements of these animals, and guidelines for their proper care.



Published date: 
February 5, 2021
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