Island Nature and Fauna

No matter where you go in Prince Edward Island, nature is always close. With vast forests, a variety of wildlife, and over 1,300 different types of plants, the Island’s natural landscape is full of beautiful diversity. It is an ideal place for hiking, fishing and birdwatching.

Animals that inhabit Prince Edward Island include:

  • Beavers
  • Eastern Coyotes
  • Minks
  • Muskrats
  • Raccoons
  • Red Foxes
  • Red Squirrels
  • Striped Skunk
  • Weasel
  • Snowshoe hare
  • Canada Goose
  • Ducks

Freshwater fish species include Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and white perch. Brook trout is the principal sport fish and can be found in virtually every stream on the Island.

There are also 333 species of birds including great blue herons, piping plovers, and bald eagles.

Provincial Flower

The provincial flower is the lady’s slipper (Cypripedium acaule). This beautiful orchid flowers in mid-to-late June, and can be found in forest, bogs, and sand dunes. The flowers are usually pink but there are also white varieties.

Provincial Tree

The provincial tree is the red oak (Quercus rubra). This majestic tree was once very common, but two centuries of forest conversion to agriculture have made them less plentiful. Over the years, they have been harvested for construction, fuel, and wood export.

Provincial Bird

The provincial bird is the Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata), which is commonly seen all year long.



Published date: 
March 22, 2023