Prince Edward Island Industries

Prince Edward Island (PEI) has rewarding career and work opportunities in a variety of industries including our primary industries of agriculture, fisheries and tourism and the strategic industries of aerospace, bioscience, information technology and renewable energy.


Aerospace manufacturing and repair is one of our fastest growing industries and makes up 20 per cent of provincial exports. This sector continues to gain momentum with a strong base of internationally renowned companies that have built relationships with partners around the world. This sector generates sales in excess of $400 million annually.


Prince Edward Island is a great place to farm

Agriculture is a primary industry in the province that contributes significantly to the rural way of life and the economy of the province. PEI has a total land area of 1.4 million acres with approximately 594,000 acres cleared for agricultural use. Farms range in size from a few acres to 3,000 acres.

Potatoes provide the major source of farm income, accounting for about 50 per cent of total farm cash receipts. Prince Edward Island is Canada’s largest potato producer. The province also produces dairy, beef, hogs, vegetables, grains, oilseeds, fruit and hay while organic farming continues to grow.


Our vibrant bioscience community is doing groundbreaking research and development for human and animal health and for nutritional products. This industry employs more than 1,000 people and includes many well-known bioscience companies including BioVectra, Nature's Crops International, Novartis-Aqua Health and Sekisui Diagnostics. 

Prince Edward Island has experienced a 600 per cent increase in this growing sector supported by attractive incentives to prospective bioscience companies along with the establishment of the BioCommons Research Park.


Harvesting and processing of fisheries and aquaculture products accounts for about 9,500 jobs. Important aquaculture species include lobster, blue mussels, oysters, clams, quahaugs, arctic char and trout. The province produces more than 80 per cent of Canada’s mussels. Other species that are harvested commercially include snow crab, rock crab, spider crab, herring, mackerel, cod and the giant bluefin tuna. A sea plant called Irish moss is harvested off the Island’s coast, and it is used widely in the food and drug industries for its extract. The total contribution to the Island economy from fishing and aquaculture is in excess of $350 million annually.

Health Care 

PEI offers many different employment opportunities in health care in the areas of public health, acute care, home care, addictions and mental health. Staff of the Health Recruitment and Retention Secretariat offer programs and services to attract nurses, doctors and other allied health professionals to Prince Edward Island.

Information Technology

The information technology (IT) industry has been experiencing sustained growth across many verticals including healthcare, independent software vendors, financial services, aerospace, wireless and mobile applications, and gaming. From applied research and new product development through to supporting expansion requirements, technology companies will find everything they need in PEI. A key area of opportunity for PEI is interactive media and e-health, two of the fastest growing industries in the world. 

Renewable Resources

For more than 25 years, Prince Edward Island has been known as Canada’s Green Province. It is a North American leader in harvesting energy from wind. Now, 25 per cent of the Island’s electrical needs are met from this renewable resource. That’s the highest percentage of any province in Canada.

Prince Edward Island is home to the Wind Energy Institute of Canada, the country’s premier facility for testing and demonstrating wind technologies. It is a recognized centre of excellence, serving wind energy companies around the world.


Visitors come to Prince Edward Island each­­­ year, attracted by our rich history and culture, world-class food, vibrant urban centres and quality of life and they and leave feeling enriched, enlivened and renewed by the experience.

Many locals contribute to our tourism industry. Some Islanders operate bed and breakfast operations or other accommodations. Island farmers, fishers and chefs produce and serve culinary delights. Artists of all types entertain visitors at concerts, galleries, fairs and ceilidhs. Beyond our beautiful natural scenery, world-renowned golf courses and fascinating cultural attractions, it is our legendary hospitality that keeps visitors coming back. 

Prince Edward Island leads the nation in manufacturing and merchandise growth.

In fact, PEI is known as Canada’s Food Island with 55 per cent of our exports coming from our food-processing sector. Across industry sectors, this knowledge is being used to create expertise in food science and manufacturing that enhance taste as well as nutritional health and culinary skills.

Prince Edward Island – there’s no place like it.


Published date: 
April 11, 2016