Planning for Aging in Place

If you are like many Islanders, your wish may be to grow older in your own home and community. In order to achieve this goal, planning is required. This is called planning for aging in place.

What is 'aging in place'?

Aging in place means having the health supports, social supports, and services that you need to live safely in your home for as long as you wish and are able. 

Life is continually changing. Future changes can be hard to predict but may involve changes in your or a family member's health, finances, social connections, or ability to move around independently. The earlier you begin to plan for the changes that may occur, the more prepared you will be to respond to these changes. 

When should I begin to plan for aging in place?

It's never too early or too late. Though people sometimes wish that they had started earlier, it's never too late to begin to think about how you want to live as you grow older and what steps that you may need to take today to achieve that lifestyle. Decisions that you make today can help you in the future. 

Your plans may include making changes to your current home, planning for your future if you cannot drive, learning about community services, adopting new health habits, or meeting new people to strengthen your social network.

As you plan, you should also consider the unexpected; for example, how would you manage if you were to develop an illness that decreased your ability to walk? The intent is not to cause worry, but rather to start thinking about your options and planning for ways that you could adapt to change.

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November 13, 2015
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