Special Library Collections

Autism PEI Collection

In partnership with the Autism Society of Prince Edward Island, Islanders can borrow items from the Society's in-house collection with a public library card. Browse for items in this collection by visiting the library's online catalogue.

Black Resources Collection

The PEI Public Library Service offers a variety of items centred on the experiences of the Black community and written and produced by its members. Collections include items for all ages in a variety of genres and formats. You can use the advanced search on the library's online catalogue to explore these collections further.

Book Club Kits

These kits include books and a discussion guide - everything you need to run your own book club.

Books for Persons with Memory Loss

These books are written specifically for people with dementia or other memory loss conditions. Titles feature colourful photos and simple language.

Books to Go

No time to browse the library's shelves? Pick up a Books to Go bag. Each bag includes five carefully-selected picture books.

Fitness Passes

Daily passes for the TCAP Family Aquatic and Fitness Centre are available at the Montague Rotary Library; passes for the Eastern Kings Fitness Centre can be borrowed from the Souris Public Library. These items are available on a first come, first served basis - contact the library for more information.

Indigenous Library Collections

The Public Library Service in Prince Edward Island is committed to celebrating the province's rich Mi'kmaq history and culture while serving its First Nations people. The library's collection includes materials that are written, produced, and focused on First Nations people. Items can be located with the advanced search on the library's online catalogue.

Library of Things

The Public Library Service offers a variety of non-traditional items that can be borrowed with a library card.

Dodow Sleep Aids

Dodows are a metronome-style sleeping aid that aims to help users fall asleep naturally through slowing one's breath and relaxation.

Fitness and Yoga Kits

These portable fitness kits contain yoga mats and items such as jump ropes, resistance bands, hand grips, etc. that promote fitness for adults. Kits are available at the Confederation Centre, Cornwall, Montague Rotary, Stratford, and Summerside Rotary libraries. Kits must be picked up and returned to their home libraries.

Light Therapy Lamps

Light therapy lamps can help individuals suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain other conditions.

Nature Backpacks

These kits contain a variety of books and tools for children and families to have fun playing, discovering and learning about nature.


PLAY (Physical Literacy Activities for Youth) kits include toys such as bean bags, foam discs, sensory balls, etc. that encourage movement and play for toddlers.

Radon Detectors

Borrow an easy-to-use radon detector to check radon gas levels in your home.

Sensory Kits

These kits include toys and tools that can help calm, soothe, and relax people affected by autism, Alzheimer's, ADHD, dementia, and other sensitivities.


Snowshoes are available at a number of libraries across Prince Edward Island. The following sizes can be borrowed: 19” (maximum weight 90 lbs / 40 kg), 21” (maximum weight 120 lbs / 54 kg), 25” (maximum weight 220 lbs / 99 kg), and 30” (maximum weight 250 lbs / 113 kg). Snowshoes must be picked up and returned to their home libraries.

Snowshoe/Walking Poles

These poles can be used for activities all year long, including hiking, walking, and snowshoeing. Poles can be borrowed at a number of locations but must be picked up and returned to their home libraries.

DIY and STEM Kits

Borrow a technology kit (including a Makey Makey Classic, a Makey Makey Go, and five MicroBits), Ozobot kit, or a Code-a-Pillar & Teach n'Tag Movi kit to help children explore and engage with technology.


Sky-Watcher telescopes are available at libraries in Charlottetown, Cornwall, Hunter River, Montague, Stratford, and Summerside. Telescopes must be picked up and returned to their home libraries.


Ukuleles can be borrowed from all public libraries. Ukuleles must be picked up at and returned to their home libraries.

White Noise Machines

White noise machines are portable devices that play a variety of noises, including white noise, nature sounds, fan noise, lullabies, and more. These machines help users fall asleep by playing calming sounds.

Mental Health Kits

With a selection of resources in English and French for adults, teens and children, these kits address mental health topics ranging from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and gambling.

Sun Life Musical Instrument Lending Library

The Sun Life Musical Instrument Lending library is a collection of over 150 musical instruments that you can borrow free of charge with a public library card. Instruments are available on a first-come, first-served basis at select branches across PEI. Instruments in this collection must be picked up and returned to their home libraries.


Wonderbooks are print books with a ready-to-play audiobook inside. Kids can use the simple controls to read along with their favourite books and then switch to learning mode for a narrator-led question and answer session about the book.

Published date: 
October 15, 2021