42 new school buses will enhance student safety and reduce carbon emissions

Sherbrooke school bus driver Jordan Stewart shows Education Minister Brad Trivers the new features on PEI’s 42 brand new school buses.

Islanders are asked to drive with extra care next week when school buses are back on the road and students are walking to school.

“More than 15,000 Island students take the bus each school day and their safety is our collective responsibility. We can all keep our children safe by slowing down in school zones and stopping until the red lights on a school bus stop flashing.” 

 - Education and Lifelong Learning Minister Brad Trivers

The provincial government purchased 42 new school buses this year at a cost of $4.4 million. The new 70-passenger buses include two stop arms and new rooftop strobe lights that make it easier to see from a distance and especially in rain, fog or snow. Unlike the stop lights that turn off when the bus moves, the strobe lights will stay on the whole time that there are children on the bus. 

The 42 new buses are powered by gasoline which is a first for the province. Gasoline buses produce 7.2 percent less carbon emissions and less exhaust than the existing diesel buses do. 

After an inspection of the school bus fleet earlier this summer, government made a decision to accelerate the replacement of some older buses by purchasing an additional 22 buses this year. 

“With more than 300 school buses on the road every school day, we have to take every opportunity to create a safer, greener school bus fleet,” said Minister Trivers. “The new buses will improve air quality for students on or near the bus, reduce carbon emissions, increase the visibility of buses and increase access to regular and spare buses.”

Drivers are reminded that when they see a yellow light flashing on a school bus they must prepare to stop, and they must stop when they see the red lights flashing. Drivers who pass a school bus when its lights are flashing will lose their licence and pay a fine of up to $5,000.

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