Act provides student protection and quality assurance

Prince Edward Island is one step closer to becoming a learning destination for students seeking first-rate private training schools.
Major amendments to the Private Training Schools Act will better protect students and assure high-quality training. Supportive legislation will also help offer more opportunities for Island students by attracting new schools to the province.
“In the last five years the number of private training schools on the Island has nearly doubled,” said Workforce and Advanced Learning Minister Richard Brown. “We need an updated act to help them in their efforts to build the skilled, educated workforce we need to grow our economy and make great things happen in Prince Edward Island.”
Some of the key elements of the amended act include:

• a student protection fund which offers security for students in case of a sudden school closure;

• a change from a one-year license renewal for schools to a three-year program review, which will ensure quality control for students and save school operators time and money; and

• schools will report enrollment numbers and tuition amounts to government both quarterly and annually, which will allow government to report annually to industry.
The act also allows for comprehensive contracts between students and their training schools and a dispute resolution process, and has a grandfather clause to help transition for schools currently operating in the province.
There are 18 licensed private training schools in Prince Edward Island that provide training to more than 500 students.

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