Amendments will make Health PEI more accountable

The provincial government is taking steps to increase accountability and community engagement with the provincial health authority.

Health and Wellness Minister Robert Mitchell today tabled amendments to the nine-year-old Health Services Act that outlines the administrative and operational responsibility of Health PEI. The amendments bring it more in line with the progress and modernization of similar legislation in other Canadian provinces.

“These changes will help to increase accountability within our health system, create stronger linkages to the community, and clearly define roles and responsibility for both the ministry and the health authority,” Health and Wellness Minister Robert Mitchell said. “

Some of the changes include:
•    requiring Health PEI to submit an operational plan to the minister;
•    providing the minister opportunity for additional oversight when necessary, such as establishing goals and objectives, and providing performance measures and targets;
•    requiring the board to hold open meetings and minutes to the public; and
•    altering the size and composition of the board – which includes better integration with our community health engagement committees.

“An operational plan will help to better understand where the pressure points are within our system and how things are operating,” said Minister Mitchell. “The establishment of performance measures and targets will increase accountability and promote the effective and efficient utilization of health services.”

The amendments will also ensure that the chairs of both of the eastern and western Community Health Engagement Committees are provided a seat on the Health PEI Board.

“The greatest value of a community board is providing a voice for Islanders – we want to ensure that the voice and opinions of Islanders are being heard at the Board level,” said Minister Mitchell.

The current Health PEI Board of Directors will remain intact, and changes to the board will only come into effect as members terms come to completion. 

“We highly value the work of Health PEI and its board,” the minister said. “At the end of the day this is about improving our system and ensuring Islanders have access to the best quality care we can provide.” 

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