Calling for school board trustee candidates

Islanders are encouraged to put their name forward for school board elections happening in fall 2022 to help ensure Island school boards are providing high quality services to students, staff, and teachers. 

Islanders who are interested in contributing to the future of our education system can put their name forward and participate in the election process to become a trustee for the Public Schools Branch or La Commission scolaire de langue française in their electoral zone. The elected trustees will help ensure that their local communities have a voice and that school policies evolve to meet the needs of Island learners. 

“Locally elected representation on Island school boards will help foster a collaborative approach and provide a community voice on essential education decisions. I strongly encourage all eligible Islanders to consider the role of a trustee and to get involved in advocating for local needs within the education system.” 

- Education and Lifelong Learning Minister Natalie Jameson

Elected school board trustees for the Public Schools Branch will consist of eight elected trustees from across the province and three appointed members – one Mi’kmaq representative appointed by the Assembly of Councils, and two members at large appointed through Engage PEI. Elected school board trustees for La Commission scolaire de langue française will consist of nine elected trustees. 

Elections PEI is actively planning and preparing for the upcoming school board elections, which will begin this fall.  

"We are working on the processes for the elections. All voting will be done through the mail-in-ballot process as per the regulations, to encourage engagement and a strong voter turnout," says Tim Garrity, the Chief Electoral Officer of PEI."

Eligible trustee candidates must be a Canadian citizen of at least 18 years of age. Candidates must also be a resident in their respective electoral zone for at least six months before the election is called. Official nominations for candidacy must be submitted to Elections PEI between September 12th and September 23rd at 2:00 pm.

Islanders considering putting their name forward as a candidate can find more information at: School Board Elections
For information on registering to become a candidate visit: Elections PEI.

Media contact:
Alex Firth 
Public Engagement Officer 
Department of Education and Life-Long Learning


Proposed outline of Elected School Boards

  Public Schools Branch La Commission scolaire de langue française 
Election Timing - October 2022
- Then every three years
-  October 2022
- Then every three years
Trustees 8 elected trustees
3 appointed trustees:
-1 Mi’kmaq representative (appointed by the Assembly of Councils)
-2 members at large (appointed through Engage PEI)
9 elected trustees 
9 elected trustees  7 electoral zones based on ‘family of schools’
- 1 trustee from each zone 1-2-3-4-6-7
- 2 trustees from zone 5 (Charlottetown)
6 electoral zones
- 2 trustees from each zone 1-3-5
- 1 trustee from zones 2-4-6
Trustee Terms - 8 elected trustees - 3 year terms
- 1 Indigenous Representative - 2 years
- 2 Members at large - 2 years
- 9 elected – 3 years


Proposed PSB Electoral Zones – Student Enrollment (Based on 2021-2022 Enrollment)

Electoral Zone Family of schools Student enrollment
1 Westisle 1,993
2 Three Oaks 2,945
3 Kensington / Kinkora 689 / 448
4 Bluefield 3,030
5 Charlottetown 7,861
6 Montague 1,858
7 Morell / Souris 573 / 514



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