Fostering independence for Islanders with vision loss

Visually-impaired Islanders are getting help adapting to the often frightening and bewildering challenge of vision loss.

The Canadian National Institute of the Blind (CNIB) recently received $120,000 in one-time funding from the provincial government to help maintain low-vision therapy in Prince Edward Island. The funding was part of more than $2 million in grants ($1 million in March and $1 million in April) the government awarded to community organizations that help improve the lives of Islanders.

“That was a welcome and wonderful surprise,” said Crystal Legere, provincial manager of Vision Loss rehabilitation for Prince Edward Island.  “This funding will permit us to offer continued operations and support to Islanders with vision loss, through the continued delivery of our vision loss rehabilitation services.”

CNIB’s Vision Loss Rehabilitation Services  include:

  • low-vision services which help people learn to make the most of the sight they have.
  • essential skills for daily living teaching the skills for doing ever day tasks safely and independently.
  • travel and mobility instruction to allow individuals independent mobility; and
  • adjustment to vision loss counseling, helping people come to terms with vision loss.

Finance Minister Heath MacDonald said the province is able to help community organizations thanks to three consecutive balanced budgets and a strong Island economy.

“With strong economic results in 2017 and a good outlook for 2018, we are able to assist community organizations who make life better for so many Islanders,” he said. “We are happy to see all Islanders have a chance to share in the benefits of our sound financial health.”

Community partnerships with government are helping Islanders overcome barriers, enter the workforce, access housing, and improve their lives each and every day. 

Learn how Prince Edward Island's budget for 2018-19 is helping Islanders.





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