go!PEI projects help Beach Grove residents stay active

Beach Grove Home residents are getting more active thanks to new go!PEI programming for seniors.

“Engaging in physical activity is important for Islanders of all ages, and even more so as we get older,” said Minister of Health and Wellness Robert Henderson. “Getting moving for even a few minutes a day can make a real difference in the health of seniors. We appreciate the help of our partners at go!PEI in getting these new projects up and running.”

As part of the new projects, Beach Grove staff, volunteers and family members are helping residents to add more physical activity to their day.

The first project encourages residents to set goals related to walking or propelling in a wheelchair. If residents have mobility challenges, they are assessed and their needs are supported, whether they need a cane, guidance or people to assist them. Residents fill out goal sheets each week and work with family, staff and volunteers to meet their weekly goals.

The second project includes a go!Cart for residents. The cart contains stationary exercise props such as balls, blocks and items to work on dexterity. The cart also includes exercise sheets which family members, volunteers and staff can use to encourage active visits.

“It is wonderful to see residents, family, staff, and volunteers creating a culture of activity in our facility,” said Administrator Andrew MacDougall. “This kind of cooperation will help us to find even more ways to support wellness at Beach Grove and other long term care facilities.”

"Walking and physical activity as a regular part of your day can improve your health and help you maintain and improve your mobility and balance, reduce your risk of falls, and improve your independence and ability to continue regular day to day activities ‎as you age," said Physiotherapist Rose Delaney. 

Go!PEI is a community-based healthy living program that offers free physical activity and healthy eating programs for Islanders across PEI. Go!PEI is designed to provide information and supports to assist Islanders to make simple changes to their lifestyle to improve their overall health and quality of life. Go!PEI is funded through the Department of Health and Wellness, managed by Recreation PEI and partners closely with a number of municipalities and regional sport and recreation councils.

For more information, visit www.gopei.ca.

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