Islanders come together on Orange Shirt Day

September 30 is a day that reminds everyone of the history of residential schools and their impacts on First Nations and Indigenous peoples.

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for Islanders to listen, learn and reflect about the history of residential schools in Canada, and honour the thousands of survivors, their families, and passed loved ones. It is also a day to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for a more inclusive and fair future for all. 

“Today, I’m wearing an orange shirt to honour those who have been deeply impacted by residential schools. As we all reflect on the darker moments of our past, we can also look ahead on our individual and collective actions and how we can work together to move forward in making us all proud to call Prince Edward Island our home.”

- Premier Dennis King

The Province is honouring the request of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission by developing new curriculum and resources on Indigenous people and the history and legacy of residential schools. 

“It is very important that our leaders of tomorrow know and understand the history of Indigenous people, and that they can give voice to the issue,” said Minister of Education and Lifelong Learning, Brad Trivers. “I am pleased to see our teachers and librarians engaging youth in this important discussion, and empowering them to take action in their own lives to create safe and respectful environments for everyone.”

To learn more, Visit: Orange Shirt Day.

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