New driver licences will be more secure, cost effective

Summerside Police Chief Dave Poirier, Minister Paula Biggar, Highway Safety Director Graham Miner

The enhanced security features of Prince Edward Island’s new driver licence and photo identification card will better protect Islanders from identity theft and fraud.

Beginning in November, cards will be produced from a centralized system that will increase the security of the cards. It will add new features to deter counterfeits and provide the ability to investigate possible fraud quickly.

“The province of Prince Edward Island is committed to providing Islanders with the most secure and convenient solutions for the issuance of driver licence and identification cards,” said Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Paula Biggar. “Our new system will not only enhance security and fraud prevention features, but will ensure personal information is housed in the most secure of production facilities.”

While Islanders will still visit an Access PEI location to purchase a driver licence or identification card, the cards will now be mailed directly to individuals within 14 days. Individuals will be given a receipt at the Access PEI service counter, which will serve as a temporary licence good for 30 days. Individuals can also use their existing card (if they have one) until the new card arrives.

The process is similar to that used to deliver Canadian passports, credit cards and other important documents.

The Province of Prince Edward Island has joined with the other Atlantic Provinces in this initiative. This will mean cost-savings for all provinces and consistency when travelling across the region.

For more information, visit www.princeedwardisland.ca/secureID.

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Why are you changing our driver's licence and photo ID cards?

The new driver’s licence and photo ID cards will have enhanced security features that will help prevent identity theft and fraud. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador are changing to the new cards at the same time. All other Canadian jurisdictions (except Yukon) and more than half of U.S. states make use of new secured cards and central issuance (cards are sent by mail).

Why are we receiving the cards through the mail?

The physical printing of the cards will be done offsite at a facility that uses advanced security features. A similar process is used to deliver Canadian passports, credit cards and other important documents. The delay in issuance provides the ability to investigate possible fraud before applicants receive their driver’s licence or photo ID card.

How long will it take to receive my card?

It may take up to 14 days to receive your new licence or ID card. Plan ahead. Give yourself enough time to receive your new card in the mail.

What do I use while I am waiting for my new licence?

You will keep your existing card (if you have one) and a temporary document you will receive when you apply for your new licence. The temporary document will be valid for 30 calendar days.

Do I keep my old driver’s licence?

Keep your old card and receipt until your new secure card arrives in the mail within 14 days. Once a new card arrives, we strongly encourage you to destroy your old card, just as you would an old credit card.

What makes this card more secure?

The new cards feature multiple layers of security to help prevent identity theft and fraud and meets many industry and government standards.

Does this mean that our current driver's licence and photo ID cards are not secure?

Our current cards are secure, however, the new cards offer enhanced security. It is important to remember that card security evolves over time as threats to personal identity become more sophisticated. Enhancing security is part of our business.

Can I get a new driver's licence even if mine is not up for renewal yet?

Yes, you can renew your driver’s licence up to 5 months in advance of your current expiry date. You can also purchase a replacement driver's licence, as is done with a lost licence, with the same expiry.

Are my current driver's licence and photo ID cards still valid?

Your driver's licence and photo ID remain valid until the expiry date indicated on the card. Remember to give yourself enough time to receive your new card in the mail.

Why can’t my new driver’s licence and photo ID card be printed on Island?

The new process will allow us to keep pace with the latest security and technology advances, and bring us in-line with the rest of the country, while keeping costs at a minimum to citizens.

Will these new cards come with an increase to fees?

There will be no fee increase for the new secure cards.

Will there be any jobs lost due to this change?

No jobs will be affected by moving to a centralized service.

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