PEI’s education system scores well in the latest PISA assessment

The recently released Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results show the global standing of education systems in preparing 15-year-olds for higher education and the workforce, evaluating their achievements in math, reading, and science.

Canada maintains its position among the top-performing countries worldwide in all three domains in the latest PISA assessment by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  
Notably, PEI surpasses the OECD averages and secures the highest rank in Atlantic Canada for all three domains. 

"PISA provides valuable insights into our education progress post-pandemic, and these results are incredibly promising. They affirm that our education system is effective, with PEI student performance aligning with other provinces and Canada, a global leader in education. PISA is an important tool for our curriculum team, as we continue to strength our Island’s education system.”

- Education and Early Years Minister Natalie Jameson.

While Canadian scores in mathematics, reading, and science remain robust compared to other nations, a gradual decline in scores over time is observed. Importantly, this decline is not exclusive to Canada, echoing a trend seen in the majority of participating countries and economies.

In the PISA 2022 results, PEI had the highest student participation rate in Canada. PISA, administered in April and May of 2022 to students born in 2006, involved a random sample selected by PISA for the two-hour computer-based test. 

For further details, the Canadian report can be reviewed at Council of Ministers of Education, Canada.

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PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment)
2022 Results

(at or Above level 2)
(at or Above level 2)
(at or Above level 2)
Math 69% 72% 78%
Science 75% 81% 84%
Reading 73% 80% 82%


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