Province releases climate adaptation roadmap

The Government of Prince Edward Island’s Climate Adaptation Plan provides a concrete plan for the province to better prepare for the future while lessening climate change’s impacts on Island residents.

After receiving more than 500 responses from people through online surveys, public engagement sessions, and community partners, this input was used to create the Building Resilience: Climate Adaptation Plan.  It includes action items to support vulnerable populations, primary industries, and the province’s natural habitat.

“Climate change is our new reality and our province is acutely aware of its impacts to our seasons, our weather, and our shorelines. We see it every day and we know we’re in for more. The task falls to us to ensure that our Island remains resilient in the face of growing climate impact while achieving our net zero goals.”

- Environment, Energy and Climate Action Minister Steven Myers

More robust systems, infrastructure and ecosystems can help the province become more resilient to the impacts of climate change. The plan contains six themes:

  • disaster resilience and response
  • resilient communities
  • climate ready industries
  • health and mental well-being
  • natural habitat and biodiversity
  • knowledge and capacity

“As we are impacted by extreme climate conditions, we have the opportunity to build back stronger and that’s what we’re committed to doing,” added Minister Myers. “We will help Islanders, and Island communities, shift to this new climate reality.” 

To learn more about Prince Edward Island’s climate adaptation plans, visit Climate Adaptation Plan.

Media contact:
Katie MacDonald
Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action


Here are the action items of Building Resilience: Climate Adaptation Plan

Disaster Resilience & Response    

  • Enhance Emergency and Extreme Weather Preparedness and Response
  • Develop a Coastal Flood Warning System
  • Improve the Electrical System
  • Increase Backup Power for Critical Infrastructure
  • Enhance Community Reception Centres and Supports

Resilient Communities     

  • Create a Provincial Land Use Plan
  • Develop Province-wide Stormwater Management Standards
  • Increase Resilience of Public Infrastructure
  • Home Adaptation Renovations and Upgrades
  • Adaptation Plans for At-Risk Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Assets
  • Create a Municipal Climate Adaptation Program
  • Expand Climate Challenge Fund    

Climate-Ready Industries 

  • Partner with Industry to Respond to Climate Risks 
  • Regional Supply Chain Resilience Study
  • Climate Change Training

Mental Health & Well-being        

  • Access to Food and Drinking Water
  • Extreme Heat Strategy
  • Support for Mental Health in our new Climate Reality
  • Provincial Vital Records Protection    

Natural Habitat & Biodiversity 

  • Safeguard Surface Water Resources
  • Coastal Development and Habitat
  • Coastal Hazards and Adopting Nature-based Solutions
  • Protection for Climate-Vulnerable Species and Habitats
  • Enhancement of Trees and Forests    

Knowledge & Capacity 

  • Research, Monitor, and Model Local Climate Conditions and Impacts
  • Provide Expertise and Resources to Departments for Climate Adaptation
  • Create Curriculum Materials on Climate Impacts for K-12
  • Public Awareness of Climate Impacts and Personal Adaptation Actions

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