Province relocating outreach services

Within the next 60 days, the Province of Prince Edward Island will relocate the Community Outreach Centre operations to 15 Park Street and close the current centre on Euston Street.

The City of Charlottetown has approved an application by the Department of Housing, Land and Communities for a major variance to allow the relocation of services to the provincially-owned land on Park Street. 

This will be a temporary move for one year to allow the Province the necessary time to build a model of care that strikes a balance between the needs of clients and the desires of the community and utilizes a Housing First approach. 

“The Province of Prince Edward Island wants to work collaboratively with City Council, residents and community partners to find a path forward to ensure we are providing the necessary resources and support for vulnerable Islanders, while balancing the interests of residents and neighbours where these services are offered.

Many of the services needed by vulnerable islanders exist today. It’s the coordination and connectivity of the network of programs and services that we need to improve. This year will allow us to ensure our care system is coordinated, cohesive and connected so Islanders get the supports they need where and when they need them.” 

- Minister of Housing, Land and Communities Rob Lantz. 

Over the next 60 days, the Province will be working with the Senior Advisor and the operators of the Community Outreach Centre, clients and neighbours to make a successful transition to the Park Street location. This will include obtaining the necessary permits required by the City of Charlottetown and meeting the City’s conditions for the relocation. Based on the immediate recommendations of the Special Advisor to the province, the following service changes will be taken:

  • Improved triage and intake processes so that the Centre does not continue to be a catch all location for individuals;
  • Move clients through the centre to appropriate services available in the community
  • Reduced loitering; and 
  • Zero tolerance drug and alcohol use.

The Province of Prince Edward Island will be holding engagement sessions with residential neighbours and the business community during the relocation process. The Province will also put the following supports in place:

  • Funding to support enhanced policing resources with the Charlottetown Police Service;
  • On-site security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • A Resident Support Team to work with homeowners in adjacent and nearby properties;
  • Perimeter fencing and a protocol for an intake system;
  • Multiple clean-up crews to ensure garbage, debris, and paraphernalia are cleaned up in public spaces within the area; and
  • Appropriate procedures and processes to work with clients who don’t follow the accountability measures and respect for neighbours, community, and staff.

The Province will maintain a security presence around the Euston Street property once the Centre vacates. Once vacated, the Province will look to repurpose the Euston Street property in consultation with the surrounding communities. Planning for this will begin in Fall 2024. 

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