Provincial grants for student housing study

(l-r) Minister Jenn Redmond, Muriel Kembou, Camille Mady, Eddie Childs, Noah Mannholland, Victoria Onyekachi, and Minister Rob Lantz

The Province of Prince Edward Island is providing support for a study to improve understanding of evolving student housing needs and expectations at the province’s post-secondary institutions. 

The Post-Secondary Student Needs Assessment Project is receiving $55,000 from the provincial government through the Departments of Housing, Land and Communities and of Workforce, Advanced Learning and Population.  Another $20,000 is being provided through the Community Housing Fund, a collaboration between the Canadian Mental Health Association-PEI Division and the province. 

The study is being led by the University of Prince Edward Island student union (UPEISU), in partnership with the student unions at Holland College and Collège de L’Ile. The purpose is to provide stakeholders with in-depth information about the housing needs of international and domestic students living in urban and rural communities in PEI. 

A student survey will be circulated to post-secondary students in early April followed by stakeholder workshops this spring. The Post-Secondary Student Needs Assessment is expected to be completed later this summer and will include a summary of research, analysis of findings and recommendations to address gaps in student housing over the coming years.  


“The provincial housing strategy recognizes the need to build capacity, capability and collaboration among partners to address the housing needs of our residents, including current and prospective student populations. This study will provide a better understanding of the barrier’s students face as our province plans for future enrolment and help students find available, affordable and suitable housing in the community in which they study.”

-    Hon. Rob Lantz, Minister of Housing, Land and Communities

“With more people choosing Island academic institutions for their post-secondary studies, we need to get our public infrastructure up to the levels our residents expect. This study will be informative for both government and post-secondary institutions on what, when and where capital investments are needed. Students have many things on their plates and securing housing is one of the stressors we should reduce so that they can focus on what’s most important – their education.”
-    Hon. Jenn Redmond, Minister of Workforce, Advanced Learning and Population

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Province, academic institutions and our fellow student unions to launch a comprehensive study on the student housing experience. Finding housing has been an ongoing struggle that students across PEI have been facing for years, and information gathering is a vital first step towards building solutions. We hope the results from this study will help shape student housing strategies for years to come."
-    Noah Mannholland, Vice-President Academic & External Affairs, UPEI Student Union

“The HCSU is excited to partner with our fellow student leaders, and provincial government to deliver a robust assessment of student housing needs across Prince Edward Island.  The survey data is relevant to the housing crisis being experienced across the province, and the data collected will inform housing policy which will ultimately benefit all Islanders. In collaboration with UPEISU, a framework has been established to guide this work and the delivery of the results.  The final product will consist of useful insights and data points regarding the need for student housing in our communities, and we would like to recognize and highlight the years of housing advocacy undertaken by the UPEISU as a major factor which has contributed to this project’s existence.”
-    Eddie Childs, President, Holland College Student Union

“Student housing plays a crucial role in supporting education. By offering quality, affordable housing adapted to the needs of students, and guaranteeing ease of access to these accommodations, provincial authorities are ensuring equitable training opportunities for all students.”
-    Muriel Kembou, President of the Student Committee, Collège de L’Ile.

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