Provincial Health plan creates a vision to Build a Healthier Tomorrow

A five-year health plan aimed at setting a vision and a path for the PEI healthcare system was released today by the Department of Health and Wellness. The proactive plan puts people at the forefront, stabilizes the workforce, addresses inequities, advances innovation and promotes the health of the Island.

“The Provincial Health Plan is the roadmap that provides high-level direction, goals, priorities and actions for the PEI healthcare system. The plan will be used as a blueprint in the development of healthy public policy, accountability, and service delivery for an effective and sustainable system.” 

- Health and Wellness Minister Mark McLane

The Provincial Health Plan: Building a Healthier Tomorrow has four priorities: 

  • keeping our Island healthy; 
  • a seamless experience: right time, right place, right care; 
  • to have equitable access; and; 
  • a healthy and sustainable workforce. 

“Our plan brings together an overall vision that will address the province’s healthcare challenges, supports people to take charge of their personal health and designs a system that will sustain health and wellness in our province,” said Minister McLane. “It’s important that we work together to keep our Island healthy in a growing and evolving system.”

The province also releases the 2023-2024 Health and Wellness Business plan which provides a summary of the action items for this year in this supporting document to the Provincial Health Plan. This is the first business plan in the 5-year Provincial Health Plan cycle for the Department of Health and Wellness to begin the development of a foundation that will address the province’s healthcare challenges.

The business plan focuses on key priority initiatives for 2023-24, including: 

  • continuing to expand the provincial formulary through our partnership with the federal government; 
  • expand workforce by adding new categories of health care providers to the system including Physician Assistants and Associate Physicians; 
  • launch an RFP (requests for proposals) for a new acute care facility and mental health and addictions wellness transitional facility; 
  • rollout the continuation of medical homes and neighborhoods in areas across PEI; and; 
  • initiate planning for a medical transport program to provide additional financial assistance to Islanders who have travel for out-of-province medical care. 

The Department’s Annual Business Plan will be released following the Spring Budget cycle going forward to reflect the planned initiatives in the Department for the upcoming fiscal year related to the Provincial Health Plan.

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