Coastal Hazard Assessment

What is a Coastal Hazard Assessment (CHA)?

A Coastal Hazard Assessment (CHA) is a summary of potential erosion and flood hazards associated with a coastal property.  The CHA is intended to provide guidance for current and prospective property owners who want to be aware of the potential impacts of coastal hazards as they buy, sell, develop, and/or maintain a given property.  

Who can request a Coastal Hazard Assessment?  

Anyone can request a CHA for any coastal property on PEI.  

If you are the owner of a waterfront property, or are thinking about purchasing a coastal property, a CHA can provide important information about the property.  It is strongly recommended that you obtain a CHA before you start planning a development. Information provided by a CHA can help you to plan and position buildings more safely on your property. Building in the best location now will help to minimize costly relocation that may be required in the future as sea level rises and intense storm surges become more frequent.  

A CHA may also be requested by a municipality for development control, land use planning, infrastructure asset management and emergency management purposes. 

Why should I request a Coastal Hazard Assessment? 

Careful consideration should be given regarding any coastal property’s suitability for long-term development. If you are planning to purchase a coastal property, you are encouraged to inform yourself about previous occurrences of flooding and to check with your insurance agency about potential coverage.  

It is strongly recommended that property owners engage a qualified professional regarding the design and location of any coastal development. The projected lifespan of your development, value of a structure, and your individual risk tolerance should be considered when making decisions about the development of a coastal property. 

Please note that a CHA will be completed by the Province when a subdivision or development application that involves a coastal property has been submitted.  If you have already submitted your application for subdivision or development, you do not need to submit the CHA request form. The results of the CHA will be shared with the applicant.  

Is there a fee for the completion of a Coastal Hazard Assessment?

There is no cost to have a Coastal Hazard Assessment completed for a property. 

What do I need to complete the online application?

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your contact information including mailing address with postal code, phone number and email address
  • The property ID (PID) of the property(s) subject to the assessment in which the property is located (find your PID). 
  • If your project covers a large area or crosses many properties, please submit a site plan or map outlining the area instead of each individual PID number, by selecting “other” when asked how many properties are subject to your assessment request.  Additional information can be sent to:
  • The reason for your request

In addition, you must check a box to indicate you have read and agree with the disclaimer and privacy statements.

How long will it take to have a Coastal Hazard Assessment completed for my property?

Most Coastal Hazard Assessments are completed, and the results made available within five to seven business days. 

Who can I contact for more information?

If you need assistance with completing the online application form, please contact the Department of Environment, Water and Climate Action at  

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