File Municipal Financial Documents

This is an online submission form for municipalities to file their financial documents with the Minister of Municipal Affairs.  A municipality can submit multiple documents in one submission. 

Who submits municipal financial information?

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) will submit financial information to the Minister on behalf of the municipality.  The CAO or a designate should complete this submission.   

What financial information must be submitted?

Municipalities are required by the Municipal Government Act and regulations to submit their:

Financial plan (BY APRIL 15), which includes:

  1. an operating budget
  2. a capital budget
  3. a 5-year capital expenditure program
  4. an asset management plan

Financial reports (BY OCTOBER 15

  1. Audited financial statements
  2. Annual Municipal Information Return (AMIR) - New format replaces the old MFIR

What do I need to file a submission?

You will require an electronic version of the financial document you are filing. The AMIR will be sent annual to the CAO's email address.  

How long will it take to complete this submission?

The submission process will take 5-10 minutes to complete depending on the number of files you are submitting.  

Be advised that once reviewed by Municipal Affairs, these documents will be available to members of the public through this website.