Survol : Environnement, Énergie et Action climatique

Le ministère des Environnement, Énergie et Action climatique  prend des mesures afin de protéger l’environnement et les terres et les ressources en eau. 

Parmi les priorités du ministère, il y a notamment : 

  • Mener les efforts, dans le cadre d’une consultation publique, concernant la nouvelle loi sur l’eau visant à protéger les ressources en eau;
  • Continuer à mettre en œuvre les recommandations du Rapport Carver sur la Lands Protection Act (loi sur la protection des terres);
  • Poser des gestes proactifs pour lutter contre le changement climatique;

Structure et équipe

Climate Change and Environment

The Climate Change and Environment Division runs a wide range of programs, services and activities that protect our environment as well as public health and safety.

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Gestion de l’eau potable et des eaux usées

The Drinking Water and Wastewater Management section provides regulatory oversight for the construction and operation of central water supply and wastewater collection and treatment in the province, including as key components, the approval of water and wastewater system construction and up-grades, certification of system operators, monitoring of system performance and related compliance activities. In addition, the section provides interpretation and advice relating to private water well quality sampling activities.

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Gestion du Programme de contenants de boisson recyclables

The Government of Prince Edward Island is taking steps to make sure all of the province’s used beverage containers go on to productive use. Prince Edward Island’s deposit and return system and island-wide network of privately operated Container Recycling Depots make it easy and rewarding for people to collect and return their cans, bottles and cartons. 

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Gestion environnementale des terres

The Environmental Land Management section oversees a wide variety of administrative responsibilities under the Environmental Protection Act and its associated regulations.  The scope of these responsibilities include environmental impact assessments, watercourse and wetland alteration approvals, petroleum/pollution prevention activities, contaminated site management, environmental record reviews, and the approval of excavation pits and recycling facilities.

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Laboratoires d'analyse de l'Î.-P.-É.

PEI Analytical Laboratories is a full service laboratory that offers a variety of testing services. The major focus at PEI Analytical Laboratories is agricultural and environmental testing. This includes dairy, feed, water, compost, manure, plant tissue, seed and soil samples.  PEI Analytical Laboratories is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to the international standard for general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

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Soutien à l’agriculture

La Section du soutien à l’agriculture est responsable de la gestion et de la délivrance de permis liées à la vente, l’usage, l’entreposage et le transport de pesticides. La section est aussi responsable de la conformité environnementale et des activités d’application sur les fermes. Elle s’occupe aussi du Programme de diversification des modes d’occupation des sols avec le ministère de l’Agriculture et des Terres .

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Surveillance de la pollution de l’eau et de la qualité de l’air

The Watershed and Subdivision Planning section provides regulatory oversight for water wells, administers the Watershed Management Fund, monitors Island water resources and assessments of the impact of resource use and contaminants. The section provides technical support to watershed groups and advice to the public on water quality and quantity issues. It also assesses and approves subdivisions in areas of the province without official plans and bylaws. The section coordinates the Alternative Land Use Services program in partnership with the Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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Finances et services généraux
Forêts, pêche et faune
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Développement de la production

The Production Development section works to improve the quality and growth of selected tree species through intensive selection and breeding programs at the J. Frank Gaudet Tree Nursery in West Royalty. Tree and shrub seedlings are produced for reforestation programs on private and provincial forest lands, landscaping projects and watershed enhancement. Insect and Disease analysis and research is also conducted by nursery staff.

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Forêts provinciales

The Provincial Forests section is responsible for the sustainable management of 18,700 ha of publicly owned forest. This is done through monitoring of the growth and health of the Provincial Forest, modeling of forest management options, delivery of forest management treatments to achieve multiple benefits from the forest through tenders or Provincial Forest section crews, building partnerships with community groups, and periodic public consultations. In addition, the Section provides leadership in forest fire management for all lands, manages provincial forests, delivers forest education and technical information programs for youth and the general public, and provides public access to maps at the district offices.

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Inventaire et modélisation des ressources

The Resource Inventory and Modeling program provides inventory and mapping support for the agriculture and forestry community. This involves the acquisition of aerial photography, the production of land use and land cover mapping products, and the establishment and measurement of forest management plots. Other activities included monitoring forest growth and conducting special forestry projects.

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Pêche et faune

The Fish and Wildlife section issues hunting, trapping and fishing licences and conducts training courses for trappers, firearms users and hunters. Staff work to conserve Natural Areas, Wildlife Management Areas and ponds and wetlands, conduct wildlife surveys and studies, manage freshwater fisheries and species at risk programs and provide information on Island wildlife to the public, wildlife user groups and national agencies.

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Services de terrain

The Field Services program provides technical advice and financial assistance to Island land owners who want to manage their forest lands for any number of goals and values through the Forest Enhancement Program. 

Public lands such as Provincial Forests and Wildlife Management areas are managed through Field Services to address a variety of public benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to the conservation of wildlife habitats, production of high value forest products, creation of places for outdoor recreation and the establishment of long term forest research.

Field Services also coordinates wildfire suppression programs across PEI. 

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PEI Energy Corporation

The PEI Energy Corporation promotes the development of energy systems and the production and distribution of energy, in all its forms, across the province.

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Organismes, conseils et commissions

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