Licensed Collection Agencies and Collectors

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Although businesses usually try to collect their unpaid bills themselves, if they are unable to do so they may turn your account over to a collection agency. All agencies and their collectors who collect debt from people in Prince Edward Island must have a PEI licence which is valid for two years. 

Search this registry to find a collector or collection agency that holds a PEI licence.

Under the authority of the Collection Agencies Act Regulations, a collector is not permitted to:

  • Collect or attempt to collect money without first being satisfied that you owe the money to the creditor;
  • Telephone, visit or send mail to your place of employment;
  • Collect more than you owe the creditor;
  • Contact you after 9:00 p.m. and before 8:00 a.m. or anytime on Sunday;
  • Pretend to be someone else or use forms not filed with the registrar;
  • Make collect telephone calls to you or charge you for telephone calls, telegrams or mail costs;
  • Threaten you with action outside the authority of the collection agency;
  • Make such frequent contacts as to constitute harassment;
  • Contact other people including your employer, family, friends or neighbours, except to obtain your address;
  • Include your spouse in collection or court actions unless your spouse has also signed for the debt;
  • Use coercive language, cite loss of employment or loss of community ranking or give false information to anyone that could cause you or your family problems at work; or
  • Contact you after receiving written notice to communicate through your legal counsel.
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le 25 Octobre 2018
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