Licensed Real Estate Agents or Salespeople

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Pursuant to the Real Estate Trading Act, all Real Estate Agents and Salespeople operating in Prince Edward Island must be licensed by the Registrar of Real Estate.  Real Estate licences are valid for two years.

You can check whether your Real Estate Salesperson or Agent is licensed by searching their name in the search bar. If no listing appears, there is no current valid license in our system. This may indicate the salesperson or agent has let their license expire. Feel free to contact Registry and Licensing Services to verify a salesperson or agent license. 

Check Real Estate Agents or Salespeople License

Search Tips - If you are unable to find a salesperson or agent using their full name, try searching their last name (e.g. for John Doe try "Doe" or for ABC Realty Ltd. try "ABC")
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le 17 Juillet 2023
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