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The Mussel Monitoring Program (MMP) is a service provided to cultured mussel growers and processors by the Department of Fisheries and Communities. Weekly data is collected during the ice-free season to provide the mussel industry with a variety of information to assist them in the management of their operations. The information collected includes: mussel spatfall prediction, mussel meat yield analysis, water temperature evaluation, the detection and estimation of the numbers of potentially toxic algae species, and the monitoring of predators and fouling organisms.

View most recent (last 30 days) water temperatures at Mussel Monitoring Water Temperatures.

View historical and current water temperatures collected at PEI mussel and oyster monitoring sites using the Water Temperature Visualization Tool. There are two graphing tools; users can either select one site with multiple years of temperature data (top graph) or select one year with multiple sites (bottom graph).

2021 Mussel Monitoring Report

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Published date: 
le 16 Juillet 2021