Technical Reports for Fishing and Aquaculture Industry

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What are technical reports?

The Department periodically publishes technical reports on issues facing the fishing and aquaculture industries.

Due to the length of the reports they have not been placed on the Department website. Only the most recent copies are available on line.

The Technical Reports are listed below:

PEI Mussel Monitoring and Oyster Monitoring Programs Reports

  • Technical Report #257. PEI Oyster Monitoring Program, 2015 Report.
  • Technical Report #256. PEI Mussel Monitoring Program, 2015 Report.
  • Technical Report #255. PEI Oyster Monitoring Program, 2014 Report.
  • Technical Report #254. PEI Mussel Monitoring Program, 2014 Report.
  • Technical Reports #202, 211-212, 214-216, 218, 221, 226,228-229, 231,233,235,237,239,241,243,245,248,250,252 PEI Mussel Monitoring Program 1991-2013
  • Technical Reports #238,240,242,244,246-247,249,251  PEI Oyster Monitoring Program, 2004-2013

Other Reports:

  • Technical Report #253. Hydrated Lime Application by the PEI Aquaculture Industry (2014).
  • Technical Report #234. An Overview of the Clubbed Tunicate (Styela clava) in Prince Edward Island.
  • Technical Report #232. Clubbed tunicate use options.
  • Technical Report #230. Sea ducks and mussel aquaculture interactions in Prince Edward Island. October 2001-January 2003.
  • Technical Report #227. Sea ducks and mussel aquaculture operations in Prince Edward Island. October 2000-January 2001.
  • Technical Report #225. The status of green crab (Carcinus maenas) in Prince Edward Island in 1999.
  • Technical Report #224. Sea duck predation on cultivated mussel leases on Prince Edward Island. An interim report. October 1999-January 2000.
  • Technical Report #223. Business profile on-farm fish farming of arctic char.
  • Technical Report #222. Observations of oyster seed performance using rack and bag culture on Prince Edward Island.
  • Technical Report #220. Sea duck mussel interaction investigation . An interim report. September 1998-January 1999.
  • Technical Report #219. An Investigation into the effects of lime and brine immersion treatments on Molgula sp. (sea grape fouling oyster collectors on P.E.I.
  • Technical Report #217. Collection and early growth of sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) spat around PEI, 1996.
  • Technical Report #213. A live holding study of cultured bay and sea scallops and an evaluation of some value-added frozen product options.
  • Technical Report #210. 1990 operational performance PEI inshore fishing fleet, 1990.
  • Technical Report #209. Carapace size frequency and length: weight relationships of canner lobster in PEI processing plants, 1991-1992.
  • Technical Report #208. Some observations on starfish predation on mussel spat collectors, 1992-1993.
  • Technical Report #207. Seafood retailers guide to quality, revised July 1993.
  • Technical Report #206. Mussel storage, holding and transport study, 1991.
  • Technical Report #205. 1991 mussel seed performance survey.
  • Technical Report #204. A preliminary investigation of sea scallop culture on PEI, 1991.
  • Technical Report #203. Preparing and packaging live lobster for air shipment, 1992.
  • Technical Report #201. Scallop bed exploration of non-traditional fishing grounds off the north eastern shore of PEI, 1990.
  • Technical Report #200. Quahaug culture on PEI, post development - current technology - future options, 1998.

To receive a copy, please contact:

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PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
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