Qualifications for Provincial Government Jobs

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How can I customize my resume to the particular job description?

  • Your resume should be as clear and concise as possible containing current and relevant information.
  • Carefully read the qualifications, experience, and expertise (special skill and knowledge) required in the job description.
  • Customize your cover-letter and resume by indicating how your education, experience and competencies match the requirements identified in the job description/job posting.

What does "demonstrated equivalencies will be considered" mean on the job posting/advertisement?

Equivalency can be demonstrated through applicant’s education, training and experience in lieu of the stated formal education.

How are resumes reviewed and qualification assessed?

  • Resumes are reviewed/screened according to the qualifications and competencies listed in the job description/job posting.
  • You must meet the minimum qualifications to be eligible for further consideration in the staffing process.
  • Meeting the minimum qualifications does not automatically mean applicants will be interviewed as it may depend on the pool of candidates and candidates' unique qualifications that best match the advertised requirements.

What does a related degree mean?

A post secondary degree from a recognized institution that is related or similar to the knowledge/skills that are required for the position.

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le 28 Juillet 2015
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