Defensive Driving Course

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The in-classroom Defensive Driving Course is offered to any driver who wishes to improve their knowledge, skills and safe driving attitude. This course is a good option for any driver seeking to reduce the number of demerit points accumulated on their driving record to avoid possible suspension. With the successful completion of the course and exam, a driver with up to 11 demerit points may be awarded three merit points.

How long is the defensive driving course?

The Defensive Driver Course consists of six, one-hour classroom sessions focused on avoiding and preventing collisions. You must pass a test at the end of the course.

Is there an online option for a Defensive Driving Course?

No. The only approved course is the in-classroom Canada Safety Council offered by the businesses listed below.  

How do I register for this course?

This is a Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course offered in PEI through:

  • Island First Aid Services (902) 367-3555
  • JVI Transportation & Safety Academy (902) 894-5726
  • Safe Drivers PEI (902) 291-3100
  • ASTA Safety (902) 206-0122

For more information, contact Highway Safety at (902) 368-5210

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le 28 Septembre 2023