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Effective March 31, 2024, the province adopted Tier 1 of the 2020 National Model Codes. Together, the Building Codes Act and corresponding Regulations reflect the administration and enforcement requirements of the Building Permit Process. The process to apply for a Building Permit in PEI is updated to comply with the following codes:

To review updated provincial building regulations, refer to Building Code Act Regulations - Plain Language Version.

Which permit(s) do I need?

In almost all instances both a Development Permit AND a Building Permit will be required before construction can begin on a project.

  • Development Permit – specifies land use and how a structure is situated on a given parcel of land. This permit will issued in accordance with the provincial Planning Act.
  • Building Permit – ensures that a structure is designed and constructed in compliance with construction codes, e.g. the National Building Code. This permit will be issued in accordance with the provincial Building Codes Act.

For general information on the building permit process or to book an inspection please call 1-800-370-3977 or email:


Book a one-on-one meeting with staff virtually or in-person in Charlottetown, O’Leary, Summerside, or Montague to help answer your questions and assist with your Development and Building Application submissions.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can book an Appointment with a Permit Coordinator by:

Where do I get the permits? 

A permit may be issued by a municipality or by the provincial government, depending on the location of the property.

  • Municipalities of Charlottetown, Stratford and Summerside issue their own Development and Building Permits. Contact their respective municipal offices for more information.
  • Municipalities with an official plan and land-use bylaws issue their own Development Permits so you must apply directly to the municipality for the Development Permit. However, you must apply to the Land Division of the provincial government for a Building Permit for these jurisdictions. 
  • If your property is located outside a municipality, or within a municipality without an official plan and land-use bylaws, you must apply to the Land Division for both a Development Permit Application and Building Permit Application

For municipal contact details refer to the Municipal Directory.

To determine if a PEI municipality has an official plan, view the Municipal Boundaries Map.

Development Permit Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find information regarding setbacks? 

Setbacks are the minimum distance a building structure or sewage disposal system must be set back from adjacent property boundaries, a roadway, body of water, or other protected areas. To determine minimum setback requirements, please refer to the Development/Sewage Disposal Systems Setbacks Guide.

How do I find out if a permit has been approved?

To find the status of municipal or provincial Development Permits or other planning decisions such as a subdivision approval or zoning bylaw amendment, search PEI Planning Decisions

If you made an application for a permit, you can search for your Permit Status using your Property ID (PID) and the date you made full payment for the permit.

Can I appeal a permit once it is approved or denied?

Once a decision has been made on a Development Permit, interested parties have 21 days from the date of issue to appeal to the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC).

Please note that this appeal process does not apply to Building Permits.

To determine your right to appeal, please review Section 28 of the PEI Planning Act.

Safety Considerations

Are you building near overhead or underground power lines?

Building and Development permits are issued for the safety of all Islanders. It is important that all builders stay away from power lines and know the hazards

Where can I learn about the coastal hazards of a property? 

Request a free Coastal Hazard Assessment (CHA).  A CHA is a summary of potential erosion and flood hazards associated with a coastal property.  The CHA is intended to provide guidance for current and prospective property owners who want to be aware of the potential impacts of coastal hazards as they buy, sell, develop, and/or maintain a given property.  


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