Park Street Emergency Shelter

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Park Street Emergency Shelter is a safe place for adults experiencing homelessness to spend the night.  Located at 15 Park Street in Charlottetown, the overnight shelter is open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day from 8:00pm to 8:00am.  The 50-bed shelter has accessible units for persons with physical mobility challenges, is gender inclusive, and is available for any person age 18 and older.

What services are offered at the shelter?

  • Showers
  • Laundry facility
  • Safe storage for non-allowable items
  • Longer term storage (limited) for larger items, i.e. bicycles
  • Referrals to community partner organizations for support services
  • Breakfast food options
  • Transportation from the shelter each morning - a free shuttle bus with stops at:
    • Community Outreach Centre;
    • Downtown Charlottetown, near Confederation Centre;
    • CMHA - Fitzroy Centre; and
    • Salvation Army Friendship Room.

Can my pet stay with me at the shelter?

You are encouraged to find safe, temporary care for your pet while you stay at the shelter, either with family or friends, or at the Humane Society free emergency pet shelter Safe Haven. If no option exists, your pet may be permitted to stay with you.  You will be responsible for full care and control of your pet, including making sure:

  • Your pet does not pose a safety concern to others at the shelter;
  • Your pet is fed, watered, and has access to necessities; and
  • You clean up after your pet.

How do I book at bed at the shelter?

You can book a bed at an emergency shelter for up to 30 days at a time.

To book a bed at an emergency shelter in PEI including the Park Street Emergency Shelter, call the Shelter Support Line at 1-833-220-4722.

If you come directly to the shelter at 68 and 72 Park Street, a bed will be provided if one is available.  The shelter opens every evening at 8:00pm and you are asked to arrive before midnight.

What will I have to do when I arrive at the shelter?

Any night you arrive at the shelter you will be required to participate in the intake process and safety screening.  This includes safe storage of any items not permitted in sleeping quarter.  You can get your stored items (under staff supervision) and leave the site at anytime through the night.

What items can I take to my sleeping quarters?

You are permitted to take in your own personal hygiene items, reading material, electronic devices and a change of clothes.

For safety, alcohol and drugs, including cannabis and illegal substances, are not permitted onsite.  You will be asked to place these in safe storage lockers while you are at the shelter.

For more information, call the Shelter Support Line at 1-833-220-4722.

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le 17 Mars 2023