Selling Cannabis

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The PEI Cannabis Management Corporation oversees the operation of cannabis retail locations and an e-commerce platform. The federal government regulates packaging standards and production of cannabis-related products.

The following questions and answers are related to the legalization of recreational cannabis. For information on medical cannabis use, visit Health Canada-Cannabis for medical purposes.

Can I grow cannabis to sell?

No, cannabis is only be sold from government-owned retail locations and through a government-owned e-commerce site. This is strictly regulated by the federal government. Learn more about becoming a licensed producer at

It is illegal to sell cannabis to your friends or at local markets.

Can I produce edibles to sell at a farmers market or flea market with a food license?

No, selling edible cannabis remains illegal in Canada.

I am a licensed cannabis producer, how do I express interest to supply PEI?

On January 16, 2018, the province signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with three licensed producers to secure an adequate supply of safe, high-quality cannabis products, namely:

  • Canada’s Island Garden of Charlottetown;
  • Organigram of Moncton, NB; and
  • Canopy Growth Corporation of Smith Falls, ON



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le 11 Janvier 2021
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