Pre-Approval for Telework Adaptation Fund Terms and Conditions

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Funding information  
Your conditional grant agreement will spell out the terms and conditions of receiving funding. If you are pre-approved, you will receive your conditional grant agreement for review and signature. Here is some general information about the funding.

  1. The Fund will be calculated at the rate of 75 per cent of Eligible Project Costs to a maximum amount of $2,500. 
  2. Payment will be based on the Eligible Project Costs as evidenced at the time of application, but in no event will payment exceed the maximum Fund amount. 
  3. Eligible Project Costs means those reasonable and proper costs of the Project which have been accepted, and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, excluding the following items: 
    • HST or any other federal or provincial tax which may be eligible to be fully or partially re-funded; 
    • Expenses incurred before March 31, 2020;
    • Owner or staff labour; and
    • Other items deemed not to be related to a Telework Adaptation Fund. 
  4. Payment will be based on the Eligible Project Costs identified on the application. The Fund will be paid directly to the Organization’s bank account using direct deposit, provided that: 
    • The Project receives pre-approval
    •  The conditional grant agreement is signed and returned to government
    • Government receives receipts for eligible expenses before February 28, 2021
    • All Eligible Project Costs were purchased from a third party (arms-length) supplier
    •  Eligible Project Costs directly relate to the implementation of their Telework Adaptation Plan
    • Applicant provided complete and accurate banking information
    • Applicant agrees to retain all documents for a period of 6 years for the purpose of a follow-up audit 
  5. Eligible Project Costs must be for purchases made after March 31, 2020. You must submit claim form not later than February 28, 2021. If the claim form is not received by Government of PEI by this date, the Organization has no future claim to payment of the Fund. 
Date de publication : 
le 10 Septembre 2020
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